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Create – Day 23 – Nurturing your dream garden and beating back resistance

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.” – Henry David Thoreau

Did you open your heart to dreaming more yesterday?

I hope so – life is so much more fun when we’re dreaming!

I totally understand how it feels to get bogged down with the duties of life and have the dreams get crushed though…

…We experience set backs and dreams get pushed down…

…We get sick and then forget dreaming…we’re just trying to survive!

Life happens.

And it tends so squash the dreams inside us.

People around us say sarcastically “Keep dreaming!”

Dreaming is frowned upon by the realists and the pessimists.

But how many of those pessimists do you see who are ridiculously thrilled to be alive today?

The world can settle if it wants – but we won’t settle!

That’s not a Truly Amazing Life!

You can’t settle for the status quo and resign yourself to your current state, and also Make Today Amazing at the same time.

Those two states are not compatible.

Each day we need to remind ourselves to Stop Settling and Start Living!

We can use our journal to help us remember – by keeping our Big Dreaming tab – and writing any dreams that sprout up.

Think of this section as your own personal dream garden, where you’re the sole caretaker.

When a dream pops out of the soil of our heart – often it gets scorched by the heat of duty

…Or choked by the weeds of pessimism

…Or starved by the drought of negativity assailing us.

We can’t let those little seedlings die!

They contain life, love, energy, and passion.

We need to cultivate and nurture those seeds.

So here’s what we do…

…When they sprout, we transplant them into our dream garden, by writing them into our journal

…We give them shelter from the heat, protection from the weeds, and we plant them in a fertile ground near their peers with plenty of water and light.

Then they can grow, and flourish.

Never stop dreaming.

Watch over your dream garden.

Dreaming is like pure life energy coming into your soul from heaven and lighting up your world.

Now, we’re getting close to the end of the month – hopefully by now you’ve begun making headway on the vision and theme creation process.

If not, that’s okay!

You can still do it – the process doesn’t have to take more than a couple days…

…But you’ll need to allot some significant time chunks to really get the full value out of the entire reflection process.

I really hope you make the time to do it this month though…

…Because the clarity and power and direction you’ll receive all throughout the year will produce amazing results in your life.

Now let’s address some of the most likely challenges you may be facing in creating a vision and theme:

1 – “There’s not enough time to write – I’m so busy with life, Holidays, School, work, etc.”

I’ll always remind you – as hard as this is to hear – it’s never about time – it’s always about priority.

If having a vision for your life is important enough to you, you’ll make time.

Your vision is the rudder and sails for the ship of your life – without it you will never get where you truly want to go.

You can try to keep the vision only in your mind – but the power is magnified ten times when you write that vision down.

Don’t allow yourself the excuse of time. Make sure you block out time on your schedule.

2 – “I’m stuck with procrastination because it feels like a big hard task”

I can FULLY relate to this one!

It comes from a very real force we all face when we undertake ANYTHING that has the potential to do some amount of good in the world.

It’s called RESISTANCE

Any time you decide to do anything of big value in life – EXPECT RESISTANCE!

It will come mostly from within you, negative thoughts and lack of focus – but it may also come from other people – circumstances, distractions, you name it.

If you find yourself procrastinating, it’s not because you are bad, or you are a procrastinator – quite the opposite.

It’s likely because you want to do something that is really great!

Resistance HATES that!

So you’ll get bombarded with distraction and vortexes of negativity that build on each other.

Expect it.

Don’t be surprised.

And don’t feel like you’re a weirdo or incapable or something silly like that.

We ALL get hit by resistance….it’s universal.

The only DEFENSE for resistance is ACTION!

You simply must get out the pen and commit to answering ONE question in the vision creation workbook.

Just commit to one small thing and do it.

If you’re finding yourself procrastinating, don’t try to do the entire thing in a 5 hour sitting.

Think super small so that you minimize the potential resistance to getting started.

You’ll see soon, once you’re in motion resistance loses most of it’s power.

We’ll talk more about this tomorrow…

…For now, take action!

Make some progress toward your vision creation in the workbook.

And Make Today Amazing!