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Create – Day 20 – Write for love, not duty. This is about joy.

Let’s continue the discussion on the Scripting process from yesterday.

Instead of scripting about a thing or place, you can also script how your day will go, or how you envision an event taking place.

We do this powerful process of ‘pre-imagining’ all the time in our heads without thinking about it.

Often this leads to frustration because we build up certain expectations in our minds that we don’t even realize we are building.

Then when things don’t go according to our ‘expectation’ we are sorely disappointed.

Disappointment is always the result of failed expectation.

To avoid disappointment, avoid unconscious expectation.

Instead, use scripting consciously!

When you have an event coming up or a trip you’re planning out…

…Try playing around with actually scripting the whole thing out in writing first!

What you’ll find is that you can have fun imagining, but also be aware that these are just your imaginations.

You don’t need to hold an iron-grip expectation on your ideals.

Because you are conscious to your desires you can live in a state of detached expectation.

As opposed to attached expectation.

Expectation is wonderful!…

…As long as it is detached expectation.

We set ourselves up for pain when we live our lives in attached expectation of things…

…And that’s usually how expectation is when it’s unconconscious.

By using scripting to write down a beautiful ideal version of how we want things to go it does 2 things:

1 – Allows us to release attachment – attachment actually acts as resistance – pushing away the things we want.

2 – Makes us feel good – which increases attraction of those things into our life.

Scripting feels good and opens us to experiencing our desires more fully.

Here’s a short example of scripting an event

…in this case I simply wrote about how I envisioned a regular day unfolding:

“I wake at sunrise and head out for a glorious trail run across the mesa trail.”

“10 miles of purely blissful trail running in the cool morning sunshine.”

“Then I kiss my amazing children, Abe & Bre, and send them off to school.”

“My stunningly beautiful & happy wife gives me a kiss as she heads out for her run.”

“I laugh & play with my sweet little Ali as she does pull-ups and stretches with me.”

“After a delicious meal of fruit & veggies, and amazingly flavored eggs, I head down to my office to enjoy a wonderful day of creation.”

I went on to describe how the entire morning would unfold ideally with the business I had going that day…

…And it was really enjoyable!

You can use this process to envision any day, any event, any relationship, or any thing at all.

Just start picturing it as a movie in your mind…

…Then write what you see.

It’s important to write the details.

If you were to give your script to a movie producer, would they be able to produce the movie you saw in your mind?

This is a powerful process of visualization and then actualization.

The power in it is in the details.

By writing the vision you see in your mind onto paper – you give that vision literal power and life to come to pass more readily.

It’s also fun and feels really good to spend time envisioning things as you would most want them to go.

This should not feel like work.

There’s no grade. There’s no right or wrong.

If it does feel like work, stop.

If it’s hard – do something else.

This is meant to be fun and super enjoyable and if it’s hard you’re likely trying to force a creative mood and mode onto yourself.

Better to get yourself feeling better first with another process or just getting out and moving your body.

Now, are you getting into the habit of writing daily?

Are you using the brain dump and inner connection processes regularly?

Those should not feel hard either…

…Because you’re just writing whatever thoughts happens to come in to your head, no matter how scattered.

I can’t overemphasize the importance of not making writing into a chore…

…but rather, giving yourself the time to write as a nurturing, loving gift to yourself.

For many, many years (over 10) I diligently journaled every day, largely as a ‘chore’ I had convinced myself was important.

I meticulously recorded the details of my life…

…But wasn’t always connecting deeply to myself…

…And I wasn’t thoroughly loving the process.

I wish I could get those 10 years back now – and spend the time writing out of love.

I hope you are catching the vision of LOVING writing…

…Loving Creating The Life You Want…

…And thoroughly enjoying the processes of connection and creation.

If you have any challenges or questions – please reach out for help in the TAL Mastermind

…We are all here for each other.

Create – Day 21 – Day of rest from emails

You won’t hear from me tomorrow – but keep on writing and loving it!

Make Today Amazing!