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Create – Day 19 – Paint the picture of the desires of your heart

Here’s a fun game you can play anytime you want to mix up your writing and just add some fun to your life.

It’s also a great way to architect your day to go your way – practicing positive expectation and real time creation.

It’s called Scripting.

I learned this from Jerry and Esther Hick’s awesome book “Ask And It Is Given,” and then I expanded on it a bit.

Like Creative Writing – it’s best to do this when you’re feeling good.

If you’re bogged down – disconnected – or disgruntled – start with inner connection or brain dumping.

Or get out and move your body. Or meditate. Or express gratitude.

Do whatever you need to do to feel good before playing around with this creative process.

But once you’re feeling good, here’s a fun game to play:

Open up to the scripting section of your journal and just start writing a story of how you want something to go.

This is your chance to create the stories of your life, however you want them to be!

You can focus on a day, or a month, or a year, or whatever you want!

You can focus on a specific event

…Or you can focus on a specific relationship.

Really anything you have a desire to improve on in your life – write a story about how you would like it to go!

Imagine yourself as a movie script writer.

You just open up a blank sheet of paper, then imagine a movie of the thing you’re interested in playing in your mind.

Then just write down the details of what you see.

Here’s a short example of some scripting I did regarding what kind of home I want for my family:

“My home: We have a comfortable home in a quiet cul de sac with wonderful and kind neighbors. We love our neighbors and our children are great friends and they play happily in each other’s yards.”

“In the home we have a dedicated music room that is a gathering place for the entire family.”

“There’s a digital piano on one wall with a mixing and recording table next to it, with a laptop and a large monitor for capturing and producing music.”

“There are 2 electric guitars, a bass guitar, and 2 acoustic guitars hanging from racks on one wall with a drum set in the corner.”

See how you can just pick any topic and open up your imagination on it?

This is like the creative writing process, but it’s focusing on creation in a free flowing imaginative way.

In Creative Writing you’re focusing on WHY you want things.

That WHY focus connects you with your inner self and moves you toward focusing on things you deeply desire.

In Scripting, you’re simply elaborating on the details of WHAT you want.

You’re painting the picture in words of the desires of your heart.

See yourself as that word artist!

You’re capturing those pictures that feel good for you to think about.

And it’s a time to let your imagination run free…not a time to feel restricted.

This is your imagination and your life – write whatever you want.

As you capture your imaginings in writing – you give them power and more life.

As I read back through my previous scripts – like this home example – it is really nice to have that reminder of those images.

I wrote that almost 3 years ago…and some of it has begun to materialize.

Now seeing it, I realize that I haven’t been thinking about or visualizing those things much lately.

But since I have this scripting section – and it’s written down – I can easily review it and instantly the images come back to my mind.

And along with those images and thoughts come these really good feeling desires and reminders of what I really want.

Scripting is one of the most fun aspects of the creation of your life.

It’s just plain fun to imagine your life as you want it to be and write out a really cool story.

Doing this process isn’t work…

…It’s a fun reward you can give yourself for getting yourself feeling good.

We go through seasons in our lives….

…sometimes we’re dreaming and scripting more…

…And sometimes we’re laser focused on creating those dreams and scripts we’ve built.

I’ve been in the ‘laser focused’ mode more this past year.

But it’s always valuable to come back to scripting periodically…

…And to review your past writings of your dreams and desires.

It is refreshing. It renews your soul.

Going after our dreams and living life is like a journey through a dense forest sometimes.

Scripting, and reviewing your past scripts, is like climbing a tall tree and seeing above the canopy.

You can see your destination, and how far you have come.

And it just feels good to get a nicer view every now and again.

So I encourage you, if you’re feeling good, to open up the scripting tab and start writing out the visions in your mind…

…on whatever topic is on your mind at this moment!

Make Today Amazing!