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Create – Day 15 – Massive shifts of energy with a simple positive writing focus.

Yesterday we discussed one of the ‘other’s focused’ processes that will get you outside of yourself and helping you feel better fast.

Today let’s talk about the other one: The Compliments process:

Open up a sheet of paper and write at the top of it: “Amazing things about __________” and insert a person’s name who is close to you who you see a lot.

Then just write down everything you can think of that you love about that person.

Their positive qualities, their noble traits, things they have done that you appreciated.

Think of any and all positive or complimentary things you can about that person and just write them down.

This can be especially important and helpful if you are feeling negativity toward someone.

A couple years ago I specifically remember feeling bugged and annoyed toward my wife – I can’t remember why anymore.

But I hated the feeling…I felt really discouraged by it.

We were not speaking…there was an icy, heavy silence permeating the house and I felt horrible.

Then this process created what felt like a miracle to me.

My mind was consumed with negativity and it seemed to be spiraling out of control.

So I grabbed my journal and got comfortable on the couch.

At the top of a sheet of paper I wrote “Amazing things about Nan.”

At first it was pretty difficult to start writing positively.

But I just wrote one line. Then another. And another.

Soon my energy was shifting and it became easier to think of more positive things about her.

Soon I found myself remembering all sorts of amazing things…before long I had listed nearly 20 positive things I loved about her.

In the process of doing that…the negativity had completely melted from my heart and I discovered tears of joy toward my beautiful bride flowing down my cheeks.

Just then she walked over to me and asked what I was up to…

…so I read her the list I had just written.

Then we were both crying in each other’s arms – all negativity completely dispelled and only a feeling of loving unity remained.

The process of positive compliments is extremely powerful at shifting the heart from the energy of hate or apathy to the energy of love.

Now what I do is I keep a compliments page for my wife and each of my children – and I try to remember each day to write at least one thing in there, and then share it with them.

I go through phases, I’m not perfect at doing this daily (As you can see I have a lot of processes and habits), but I love doing this as often.

It empowers others when we acknowledge their positive traits and express them verbally.

So use this process anytime you want to feel better yourself & empower other people.

And speaking or sharing the compliments with others in writing is important.

Once you have written them down – it’s a great idea to make the effort to speak at least one or two of these compliments per day to the people you love.

I like to check them off on my sheet when I’ve spoken them verbally to the person – so I can remember, and then work on speaking the rest of them.

So, why is writing compliments important?

Because when we do, we are tapping into the fountain of goodness within ourselves and allowing it to flow forth and bless lives.

Marcus Aurelius said: “Look within. Within is the fountain of good, and it will ever bubble up, if thou wilt ever dig.”

Writing each day, whether it’s through digging deep to find compliments or positive traits of others…

…Or whether it’s digging in and conversing with our inner higher-self…

…Or any other of the process we’ve discussed,…

All of these are digging into our inner self and unearthing a fountain of good and allowing it to bubble up.

And when this fountain of good bubbles up inside us it inevitably flows out and blesses everyone around us.

This is the creation of beauty from within.

And it is accomplished by focusing our thoughts through writing.

The habit of writing daily will be a powerful force for good in your life…

…Using any of the processes we’ve been learning together.

So keep on writing!

Don’t miss the amazing opportunity you have to tap into your inner source of power and goodness today.

It can be so tempting to convince ourselves we just don’t have time today.

But remember, nothing is more important than your inner-connection with your soul.

And it will spill out and bless every other area of your life.

When we take the time to connect to God and ourselves first – we are more effective with the rest of our time anyway.

We often get twice as much done in half the time because we feel so good.

And even if we get less tasks accomplished…we got the most important thing accomplished – inner connection.

Take time for YOU and write.

Make Today Amazing!