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Create – Day 12 – Creation starts with clarity on the WHAT and the WHY

How did your writing go yesterday?

Did you get tapped in? Did it clear your mind and get you feeling better?

If you are experiencing challenges with these processes – please reach out to me and ask.

More than anything I want to help you tap into your inner wellspring of wisdom and peace because there is amazing treasure for you there.

When you connect to YOU, it will feel great.

And once you’re feeling really great…how can you expand on that and do more to create?

The Creative Writing Process.

When to use the Creative Writing process:

– When you feel good and want to expand on that good feeling.

– When you want clarify your vision & create more of what you want in life.

– When you’re feeling creative.

– When you feel a sudden burst of inspiration about something you want in life and you want to expand on it and capture it.

WARNING: Don’t try to use this process when you’re feeling bad or overwhelmed.

It will likely only discourage you then.

It’s best to use the Brain Dump process or the Inner Connection process to get yourself feeling better first – before trying to create or clarify your visions for your life.

From a state of feeling good, creative juices tend to flow.

When you feel bad creativity is blocked.

Get feeling better first, then do creative writing.

So what is the Creative Writing Process?

It is simply choosing any area of your life and exploring your wants and desires for that area.

Write down an area of your life you would like to work on at the top of a blank sheet of paper.

Here are the five broad areas that encapsulate most every aspect of life: My Body. My Spirit. My Home. My Relationships. My Work.

I recommend doing this process for each of those areas.

What you do is simply this: With the heading written at the top of the sheet, just think of 5 or 10 things that immediately come to your mind that you want in relation to that thing.

(If you feel totally stumped and only negative thoughts of what you don’t want tend to pop up – use another process to get feeling better first)

This should flow naturally when you are feeling good.

For example:

My Body:

– I want to be fit and lean

– I want to be healthy and pain free

– I want to run every day

– I want to feel energized every day

– I want to put only healthy food into my body

Just write whatever your heart immediately wants.

Once you run out of ideas, just stop.

You don’t have to come up with a comprehensive list…you’re just going for what’s most immediately important to you.

Once you have that list, then go back through each one, re-write it, and below it write the reasons why you want that thing.

For example:

“I want to be fit and lean…”

…Because I feel so much better about life in general

…Because I like the way my body looks when it is lean

…Because I like feeling healthy and strong

…Because I feel more confident in myself when I’m fit and strong

You can write as much or as little as you feel.

Once you’ve written all the reasons that come to mind for one item – move on to the next and do the same thing.

After doing this, you’ll have more clarity about why you want the things you do.

Clarity on what you want and why, creates more attraction of what you want into your life.

That is why it is called Creative Writing.

By simply acknowledging what you want, and why you want it, in writing, you are opening up the creation process for those things happening in your life.

ALL creation begins with thought.

When we focus our thoughts in this way – we are actively creating our desired results in life.

When we feel like we’re just spinning our wheels, not feeling great, and not getting the things we truly want in life…

…It’s often because we’re not clear on what we want.

And not being clear, we cannot consistently focus our thoughts on what we want!

Until we consistently focus our thoughts on what we want, we will not consistently create the life we want.

That is why using the Vision & Theme Creation process to compile a written vision so vital.

It takes that snapshot of what you want and puts it into clear focus in your mind each and every day.

Doing this process of Creative Writing periodically, whenever you feel like it, allows you to re-clarify your WHAT and your WHY.

And this gets you feeling better and aligns your thoughts and actions in the right way to experiencing what you want.

So today, use this process if you are feeling good.

It will assist you in sections 3 & 4 of the The TAL Vision & Theme Creation Process.

And if you’re not feeling great, go to the inner connection process or the brain dump process first.

Make Today Amazing!