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Create – Day 11 – Imagine you’re conversing with the highest possible point of view.

Are you getting at least a little bit of journal writing in each day now?

If not, I hope you begin today to give yourself that gift.

I know we’ve already covered a lot this month.

It’s not important that you write for hours a day or that you master all these processes immediately.

It’s most important that you 1- get a journaling system set up, and 2 – get into the habit of writing in it each day.

Let go of any need you may feel to ‘do it all’ this month.

Even if you write just ONE paragraph of whatever is on your mind – getting into the habit of writing from your heart each day will be an immense blessing in your life.

So far we’ve covered 3 different processes in depth – Inner Connection, Brain Dump, and Vision & Theme creation.

Inner Connection & Brain Dumping are my go-to daily processes for getting connected, tapped in, tuned in, and feeling better.

If I’m ever feeling ‘off’, I go to one of those two writing processes and inevitably feel better.

So today I encourage you to spend at least a little time with one of those two processes.

If you already have done a Brain Dump – did you feel the lightness and the clarity?

Releasing that pressure of the mind not only produces peace – but it’s also beneficial for your health!

Headaches, neck aches, back pain, and other pain are quite often relieved through the use of a pen and paper with this process!

You can release pent up emotions and thoughts – which have a toxic effect on you when they stay bottled up inside.

Your journal is not the only place to release them, but it is one fantastic place that is ALWAYS available and costs you almost nothing.

Now, here’s another important point regarding the inner connection process.

The Inner Connection process is just another way of saying: Prayer in writing.

Isn’t that what prayer is? Conversations with God or your higher self?

Many people do that in their heads, or out loud verbally, but why is it so uncommon to have those conversations in writing?

I love this description of prayer by Ralph Waldo Emerson: “Prayer is the contemplation of the facts of life from the highest point of view”.

That is exactly how I would describe the method of prayer, or inner connection writing, I’ve explained to you in previous days.

It’s really just as simple as having a conversation with someone you imagine to be seeing things from the highest possible perspective.

That’s why speaking to God is so powerful. Or if you prefer, speaking to your ‘higher-self’.

As we imagine ourselves conversing with someone who is connected to everything, who sees the end from the beginning, is not bound by time, and who’s very nature is unconditional love

…We open ourselves to seeing things from that expansive perspective.

Somehow, through contemplating things from that high point of view, we tap into that knowledge & wisdom.

And when we tap into that…it feels pretty amazing…and it moves us up the emotional scale in the direction of peace and joy.

So today, if you’re feeling disconnected, open up your ‘Inner Connection’ journal and start up a conversation.

Or if you’re feeling overwhelmed, open up a fresh sheet and just do a Brain Dump.

Or if you’re feeling amazing?! Wonderful! It’s always a great time do some inner connection writing!

But also, when you’re feeling really great is an ideal time to use the Creative Writing process – which we’ll discuss tomorrow.

Finally, a quick reminder…

…I encourage you to be taking small steps each day or so in reviewing your past year using The TAL Vision & Theme Creation Process workbook.

Taking that process in little bites each day will make it a lot easier on you and set you up to win big…

…by walking away from this month armed with a crystal clear vision and theme for your life for the next year.

That process can feel like a big one and be somewhat daunting if you let it…

…So don’t let it!

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

Make it easy on yourself by just reviewing the questions for one month in the workbook today.

Make Today Amazing!