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Create – Day 10 – Open your mental release valve for clarity and peace.

Today let’s talk about a journaling process that’s closely related to the Inner Connection process, which I call ‘The Brain Dump’.

The main difference between these two is this:

With inner connection we’re specifically dialoguing with our inner voice.

With a brain dump, we’re just one-way dumping everything out onto paper to clear out the mind.

The Brain Dump section of the journal contains any and all random thoughts that just need ejecting from my mind.

Sometimes I do this in the ‘Inner Connection’ section of my journal and follow it up with questions and conversations.

That’s great too…

…Don’t get hung up on when to use each process.

The important thing is that you are writing daily and that it’s helping you feel more centered, aligned, and at peace.

Any process that helps you do that is awesome!

When to use the Brain Dump process:

– When you just feel off and need to vent.

– When you feel scattered with tons of ideas on tons of topics flying through your head.

– When you’re feeling overwhelmed or frustrated and don’t even know what to do next.

– When you feel a sudden burst of inspiration – shower ideas, or dish cleaning ideas – and want to get them down on paper before they disappear.

It’s nice to have a quick tab in the journal to be able to flip to and just start dumping out thoughts without any need for format, neatness, or anything.

Just a fresh sheet of paper to unload on.

It is refreshing and calming to be able to release the pressure of the mind onto a clean sheet of paper – with no pressure to perform or do anything.

It’s just a release.

The fact is, our minds are always busy turning, processing, and thinking all day long unless we are consciously meditating and releasing thought…

…And even then we can never really stop the thoughts. The best we can do is be aware, and choose to keep accepting and releasing thoughts.

With all this processing and thinking, things get pent up, jammed up, and clogged up inside our heads.

It’s like the pressure is constantly being pumped in – building up, and building up, and rarely releasing.

Sometimes we release it by speaking our minds to people around us.

But often it just keeps building.

We may not even realize this pressure is building up and needing an outlet.

But we can feel it when we let it release onto paper.

There is a sense of relief and lightness.

Here is some of what happens when we use the Brain Dump process for the above mentioned scenarios:

Feeling Overwhelmed And Scattered:

Usually we feel drained and exhausted when we feel overwhelmed…even first thing in the morning and we had good rest.

That’s why some have a hard time getting up!

Constant thinking, stewing, and worrying requires a lot of energy.

Having a bunch of open loops and unknowable, overwhelming task lists open in our mind is like running a search query in a database that never stops searching.

It requires 100% of the resources of the computer and slows down all the other functionality.

The brain dump process is like the power down and re-start button for your mind.

It shuts down the search and allows the mind to rest.

The mind just wants clarity.

If you’re overwhelmed, just write: “What do I need to do?” at the top of a sheet of paper.

Then simply start dumping out everything you can think of!

Very soon you will see everything you need to do in one place.

That is incredibly helpful for the mind.

Even though nothing has changed, we feel much lighter about it.

Because now we can scan the list and decide what absolutely must be done today, and what can be put off.

Instead of being stuck in the loop of wondering if we’re missing something – we are now clear about what needs to be done.

With clarity, we shut down the search query…and we immediately feel energy return.

Feeling off and needing to vent:

In this case, we may just not be feeling good and we don’t know why.

So what can we do?

Open up the Brain Dump section and write: “How am I feeling?”

Then just lay it all out there.

– Write how you are feeling right now.

– Write why you are feeling that way.

– Write how you want to feel.

Write whatever comes into your mind – just dump it all out.

The topic may randomly change 5 times during the course of the writing…no problem!

There’s no need to stay on topic – the point is just to let your thoughts out.

Once you do – I am fairly certain you will feel at least a little bit better and a little less ‘off’.

Often, you’ll feel a lot better.

Having the brain dump section of a journal is like just having a listening ear available all the time…but it’s your own listening ear.

It’s your mind’s pressure release valve.

You don’t need to wait to vent to your spouse, partner, friend, or therapist…

Do it whenever you need to in writing!

There is invariably peace of mind to be found using this process.

Make Today Amazing!