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Create – Day 1 – 4 BIG results that will dramatically alter your life this month

Are you ready to Create The Life You Want with more intention than ever?


I’m so excited for this month’s focus on the pillar of CREATE and the habit of journal writing.

This is one of the hidden secrets of a Truly Amazing Life that is so simple and so freely available to everyone – yet it gets so easily overlooked and misunderstood.

I’ve been consistently journaling since I was 14 years old – but I didn’t start experiencing journaling’s major benefits until I finally implemented the practices I’m about to share with you this month.

Whether you write consistently or have never once even attempted a journal – either way this month’s focus has potential to set you up for an amazing year ahead.

Today I’ll start by laying out the plan so you know what to expect and how to gain the most from this month’s training.

There are 4 Key Results we will be achieving together – I hope you walk away with these:

1 – A deep understanding of why consistent writing is the most important practice in creating the life you want

Your own personal experience with your own journal and your own emotions flowing freely through the tip of your own pen are the critical factors here.

You are the only one who can possibly create the life you want for you. Nobody else can do it.

I will be here sharing important truths daily – but the deep understanding will only come when you take action and gain personal experience.

The habit of writing consistently may not be natural to you – but it can become natural sooner than you may think.

I cannot overemphasize the importance of making the time to put your pen to paper each and every day in at least some small way…starting today.

2 – The habit of journaling daily and connecting with your inner self

Inner connection is the foundational benefit to the daily journaling habit and will be our primary habit creation focus this month.

3 – A powerful theme and vision statement for your life – your own personally created life guide for the upcoming year.

This will require you set aside extra time above and beyond the main daily habit…but there will be some overlap.

This is an incredibly vital aspect to creating the life you want.

You will not create the life you truly want if you don’t have a written vision statement for your life.

I’m not going to try to pretend this is going to be easy for you.

You should expect this part to be challenging and require a lot of time and thought.

But I would be doing you a major disservice if I didn’t make a huge emphasis on this foundational aspect to living a Truly Amazing Life.

So start preparing yourself now mentally and schedule yourself between 3 to 6 hours of extra time this month – perhaps on the weekends – for more in depth introspective writing exercises.

The One-page written statement you come away with will bless your life with incredible energy and clarity of purpose all year long…and beyond.

4 – A tool chest of 8 simple & powerful journaling processes you will mix in throughout your life – these will keep you connected to your vision, your soul, and your dreams.

Your journal is a sandbox to escape to and play in daily!

These 8 processes are your tools for excavating the thoughts from your mind and creating a beautiful life with them…

…we’ll cover each of these in great detail:

1 – The Brain Dump – Used often for clarity, relieving pressure and heaviness, and just letting go.

2 – Inner Connection Writing – Perhaps the most immediately rewarding of all writing – the core of the daily journaling practice.

3 – Creative Writing – freely playing with the building blocks of your imagination without restraint. An intermittent practice to be used when you’re feeling good.

4 – Service & Compliments – The foundation for expanding your awareness of others – an important, very quick daily practice for empowering others and enhancing your relationships.

5 – The Idea Machine – A simple way to exercise the mind muscle for opportunities and growth.

6 – Scripting – Architecting your day to go your way – practicing positive expectation and real time creation.

7 – Big Dreaming – Opening your mind and opening your options. A safe place to capture and nurture your dreams whenever and however they show up.

8 – Vision & Theme Creation – This is a yearly & quarterly process of setting your intention and charting the course of where you want to go in life.

Now I invite you to start writing…today!

Grab a lined sheet of paper and a pen and start the process by doing a quick check-in with yourself.

Say hello to yourself!

Tell yourself what you are excited about right now in life and what you are looking forward to in this coming month of focus on creating the life you want.

Just start writing about whatever is in your heart.

If you don’t write down your thoughts, you will never capture the true power of your thoughts.

Writing is essential to living a Truly Amazing Life.

Tomorrow we’ll dive right in on working toward those four big results together. That’s all for now…

Make Today Amazing!