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Day 6 – What is faith and why is it so important?

You have now done five days of consistent affirmations…great job!!

You are well on your way to gaining deep convictions that will improve your life in amazing ways.

Feel free to add a few more affirmations to your daily short list now.

But keep it between 5 to 10 maximum, for the list you repeat three 3 times per day!

It’s great to start building a big list of affirmations, and I highly recommend that…

…but stick with a short list this month that you are committed each day to re-writing by hand twice and repeating at least thrice! 😉

I can’t emphasize enough not to try to overdo it right away.

Trying to do too much will likely backfire on you by causing you to not spend sufficient energy visualizing and feeling yourself living your affirmations.

Be patient!

It’s much better to have just a few affirmations and say them with all your heart and soul consistently than to just rattle off 50 affirmations just to check it off your list.

OK, now that I’ve laid a sufficient beat down on that drum, here are some more of my personal affirmations that you are free to use or get ideas from…

The ‘Who I Am’ group:

1 – I have what it takes to do BIG THINGS that make a difference in this world.

2 – Nothing can stop me and nothing can get me down.

3 – I am a warrior.

4 – I am a finisher.

5 – I am an overcomer.

6 – I am an achiever.

7 – I am a success.

8 – I am a winner.

9 – I am a child of God.

10 – I am forgiven.

11 – I am loved.

12 – I completely and totally forgive myself and all others for mistakes of the past.

13 – I always keep the child in me alive.

14 – I am unique in all the world.

15 – I always feel good about myself because I am God’s child – totally forgiven and totally loved.

Now here’s the critical question for you to consider today…

What is faith and why is it so important?

It has been explained many ways by various people over the course of human existence.

We’ll discuss this from various angles this month, but here is one very practical definition proposed by the seminal author and teacher Napoleon Hill:

Faith is definiteness of purpose backed by belief in the attainment of the object of that purpose.”

Huh…is it really that simple?

Just have a ‘definite major purpose’ and convince yourself somehow to a belief that you can attain that purpose?

Well…frankly, yes. It is that simple.

But simple isn’t the same as easy.

And why is it so important to develop faith?

Faith gives you the power to achieve what you want.

We want to live a Truly Amazing Life.

That is a great purpose to be definite about.

And it definitely beats the “I just want to be comfortable on as little effort as possible,” mediocre, non-purpose-driven approach to life that afflicts so many of us at times.

That is why we are being clear with ourselves every day that everything is conspiring for our benefit.

We need that deep conviction because it will guide our perceptions and all of our actions.

Remember what Napoleon Hill said:Definiteness of purpose, backed by BELIEF, equals FAITH!

And faith is power.

So what do you need to do?

Be definite and clear in your purpose.

And get yourself to believe you can achieve your purpose by literally brainwashing your own subconscious mind through your conscious direction of your thoughts on a regular basis…i.e. affirmations.

Is it more clear now why affirmations are such a powerful tool in your life?

I hope so!

Now, let’s talk about tomorrow. There will not be a message from me tomorrow.This is by design.

I highly recommend the practice of resting one day per week from the normal work and busy-ness that consumes most other days.

This practice is taught in many spiritual texts and religions, and mental and spiritual rejuvenation are the extremely nice practical benefits to the practice.

So you will notice me follow that in all my trainings by giving you one day completely off each week.

I do encourage you to continue your routine of repeating affirmations though.

Keep it up…you can do it! You are well on your way to transformational habit creation.

More on faith in 2 days. For now…

Make today amazing!