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Day 2 – You become what you think about!

How did it go yesterday?

Did you repeat the affirmations out loud at least three times?

Did you write down the affirmations in your phone or on a card to carry them with you?

You can probably remember two affirmations easy enough, but we’ll be adding more as the days go on…

…And it’s helpful to see them in writing as you repeat them at least three times during the day. So make sure to write them down.

Why these specific affirmations?

– This Is A Truly Amazing Life.

– Everything Is Conspiring For My Benefit.

The main purpose of this 30 day system is to help you acquire the habit of affirming truth to your subconscious mind. This habit is how you consciously transform your life by transforming the beliefs that guide your life.

You need to make it a subconscious, automatic belief that literally everything is conspiring for your benefit.

That belief needs to be such a core part of your being that it automatically guides your outlook and thoughtsall the time!

When it becomes embedded in your subconscious, you will naturally and automatically be inclined toward focusing on the positive aspect of every situation, and your entire experience in life will be better.

You may wonder, “Is repeating affirmations really doing anything?”


Earl Nightingale and countless others have taught:

“You become what you think about.”

By consciously directing your thoughts repeatedly on something, it becomes a part of you.

And when you do that while evoking emotion, it becomes a part of you much, much faster.

So do it with FEELING!

Remember what I said yesterday:

Repetition while evoking deep emotion is a key to lasting internal change.

To enhance these affirmations, each time you repeat them, don’t just say the words and move on quickly.

Stop thinking about anything else and don’t rush through it.

Say the sentence out loud! It’s more powerful that way than just in your head. Then pay attention to the feelings it evokes in you.

Do it with FEELING and visualization!

If you’re in a quiet setting and need to whisper, like me with my kids sleeping in the rooms next to me, then whisper.

But speak the words out loud.

And the best way is to speak directly to yourself, looking in your eyes in the mirror.

Then close your eyes, repeat the words again in your head and picture at least one instance in your life that the words apply to.

Visualizing a picture in your mind internalizes the belief much faster.

For example, when I say, “Everything is conspiring for my benefit.” I close my eyes and breathe deeply with a smile on my face.

Then different images come into my head.

Sometimes the image or thought of a difficult situation I was dealing with may pop in my mind.

As I picture that thing, I simply remind myself that good can be made of literally everything somehow.

I look at that thing in my mind with wonder, believing that there must be something good about it…even though I may not see how that’s possible with how bad it seems on the surface.

And with a smile on my face I feel good and know that all is well, because everything is conspiring for my benefit.

Then I open my eyes and move on.

Simple. Quick. But very effective and powerful when done repeatedly every single day.

So what’s your action for today?

Repeat the affirmations with feeling and visualize yourself living them three times today!

That’s all for today!

Reminder of the affirmations:

– This is a Truly Amazing Life.

– Everything is conspiring for my benefit.

Make today amazing!