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Day 17 – The power of habitual imaginations.

Continuing from yesterday’s conversation regarding habitual thoughts, here Norman Vincent Peale says it in a slightly different way:

There is a deep tendency in human nature to become precisely like that which you habitually imagine yourself to be.

You become your habitual imaginations.

So, how do you “habitually imagine yourself to be”?

Do you habitually imagine at all?

Yes! You definitely do.

You imagine all the time automatically.Most people don’t even realize what they imagine, and life is a mystery.

The wise person purposely directs their imaginations.

You are removing the mystery by creating your own habits of thinking and imagining a worthy ideal. So cultivate your habitual imaginations each day as you are affirming your truth.


To believe is a triumph!

You are achieving the greatest possible success in life by directing your beliefs.


You are what you habitually think.

How can you predict your future?

You are creating your desired future world by creating your thought habits.

At this stage many people may find themselves slipping into the rut of routine while repeating affirmations.

You DO want an automatic routine, but…

You DO NOT want a rote, empty routine devoid of positive emotion.

So keep striving daily to put your entire heart into this routine each time.

Your goal every single time you repeat your affirmations is to…


Feel different and better every single time. Don’t just repeat and move on. Do whatever it takes to get emotional! This is vitally important!

You are not repeating affirmations every day just to have another task on your list to check off.

You are doing it with the intention of evoking amazing feeling emotions.

You are not primarily doing this to create a better future. The future doesn’t exist and you can never possibly experience the future. Only right now exists. The only experience you will ever have is right now.

You are repeating these positive, uplifting affirmations to create an amazing feeling reality right now — this very day.

Don’t allow yourself to fall into a rut of unconscious routine and let life slip by you. That is missing the entire point of life: joy.

There is no joy in unconsciousness.

Let the routine serve you by helping you stay fully aware, fully awake, and fully involved in every moment.

Feel better right now! That should always be your primary objective.

And you will feel better through conscious affirmation of your truth. Good thought produces good feeling. Good feeling is positive energy vibration. It puts you into a state of joy. Living in joy is the whole point.

And as a wonderful side-effect — feeling good and living in joy ends up putting you on a path that leads to all sorts of beautiful, surprising, and further awe-inspiring circumstances.

It’s a virtuous cycle.

Stay awake today. Feel everything.

Make today amazing!