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This Is A Truly Amazing Life:  The Positive Thinking Podcast

The Truly Amazing Life Podcast showcases inspiring people who live a Truly Amazing Life.

They share their transformational stories and key insights that enabled them to start living a life full of passion, love, fulfillment, and joy.

Here are the published episodes available:

TAL 40:  Take control of your energy with Yuri Elkaim

TAL 39: Transformational peace of mind with a simple affirmation – Brent Clayton’s experience

TAL 38: Learning to trust your voice within – Patrina Wisdom

TAL 37: Daphne Clarke-Hudson Empowers You To Greatness

TAL 36: There’s a clock ticking on your life too. What will you make of your precious time?

TAL 35: Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It with Kamal Ravikant

TAL 34: Discovering self-love and taking control of your thinking with Mea Blauer

TAL 33: Katie McCarthy’s Life Displays the Power of Remembering Who You are

TAL 32: Transformational ‘Penny Perspectives’ from Life Enthusiast Leslie Stein

TAL 31: Take Control of Your Life and Remove Negative Influences with Jake Nawrocki

TAL 30: The 2 Things Matt Ritchey Most Attributes His Happiness to

TAL 29: Michael Mataluni’s life is transformed by gratitude for the darkness of the past

TAL 28: Gabe Strom reshapes your perspective on being Rich and Awake

TAL 27: Betty Horn’s Transformation From Preparing To Die to On FIRE With Life

TAL 26: Eliminate your emotional baggage and get out of your own way – Emily Filloramo part 2

TAL 25: Al Diaz guides you to discovering your purpose and learning to trust

TAL 24: Matt Shoup – Live A Life Of Impact

TAL 23: Emily Filloramo on True Success and Happiness

TAL 22: Janick Lemieux Chooses Love Every Time

TAL 21: Special Invitation & 2 breakthrough questions on limiting beliefs

TAL 20: Nick Breau Re-Programs Aaron’s Emotional Eating Habit

TAL 19: Breakthrough Specialist Nick Breau Releases Limiting Beliefs

TAL 18: Immediate Happiness with Anil Gupta

TAL 17: Justin Burns' Journey to a Truly Amazing Life

TAL 16: Blending Depression and a Truly Amazing Life w/ Author Steve Olsher

TAL 15: Scott Dinsmore helps you do the work you love

TAL 14: Nathan Jurewicz on “How to Get Anything You Want…No B.S.”

TAL 13: John Bly never has a bad day and shows us how to stop taking life so seriously.

TAL 12: Sultan Ahmed on challenging conventionality, learning through travel, and loving people

TAL 11: Mark Gans shares the personal core values he lives by that make life truly amazing for him.

TAL10: Bill Douglas brushes death twice and shows us a super happy person’s attitude toward life. 

TAL 9: Why you should do what you love, and do it now with Arvind Devalia 

TAL 8: Why getting outside and involved in a community enhances your life with Stacy Bare

TAL7: You Choose Your Life - Learn to balance surrendering & choice with Mary Beltrami

TAL 6: Learning to TRUST with holistic health counselor Debbie Sarfati Steinbock

TAL 5: Why Michael Sandler Is Grateful For Literally Everything! (Including the 'muck')

TAL4: Taking Risks and Getting Uncomfortable are keys to a full, happy life – Joaquin Cordero

TAL 3 : Mateo Tabatabaiy’s Adventurous Story Teaches Acceptance and Self-Compassion

TAL 2 : Ganel-Lyn Condie’s Life Shows Us How To Smile Despite Adversity

TAL 1 : Willie Hooks Shares Why He Believes Life Is An Amazing Gift


Who do you know with an inspiring story that needs to be shared?

email me at aaron (at) TrulyAmazingLife.com if you know someone I should interview on the show:

Or reach out to me on twitter @aaronkennard

Here is specifically who I'm looking to interview:

People who:

  • View their life as a truly amazing gift
  • Live in a state of peace despite all circumstances
  • Have demonstrated finding joy in even in the face of overwhelming challenges
  • Have inspiring stories related to attitude, adversity, epiphanies, insights, living fully, success despite overwhelming odds in personal life or business, giving in amazing ways, epiphanies and other deep insights into life.
  • Are living in an inspiring way that many people would benefit from hearing about.

Let me know who you know that fits that description generally.

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