Perspective enables optimism – wrapping up the A to Z of a TAL

I made a commitment to write a short book called the A to Z of a Truly Amazing Life – 100 words per letter of the Alphabet.

All 26 letters in at most 30 emails to the TAL Community.

I’m happy to report I pulled it off!

Just barely though, and wow…that was harder than I thought!!


For some reason I couldn’t bring myself to just blurt out any thoughts that came to mind…and the farther I went the more I felt like making it rhyme.

Just so much more fun to write it that way!

But a whole lot harder and more time consuming.


Thanks to everyone of you who suggested words for letters I was stumped on…huge help! You guys rock!

I still haven’t shared 6 letters with you…so I’ll include 3 today, and 3 tomorrow.

(You can see the completed A to Z post here if you’re an eager beaver for more deep and profound rhymeyness 😉 )



A truly amazing life is yours for the living right now.

This very moment.

The sole requirement is a decision to believe that everything in the past, present, and future is conspiring for your ultimate benefit.

That choice allows you to fully experience the precious, wonderful gift of this moment of life you have been given.

It grants you freedom to live fully right now, releasing you from the bondage of regret over the past or worry about the future.

There is infinite power, joy, and love available when you are awake, aware, and present in the here and now.


Optimism is virtually the same thing as faith; there are great misconceptions here though. Such a shame!

Sometimes confused with being out of touch with reality, wearing blinders, or loopy and such.

But optimism does not hide from what is, its a choice to view life through true reality’s lens. To see the big picture of life’s grand voyage, not getting hung up on today’s limited message.

A journey ascending majestic mountains of joy, then painful forests where fear attempts to destroy. The masterpiece clearly shows perfection of life includes happiness as well as sorrow and strife.

Perspective enables optimism.


Too often we allow the silent noise of distraction to insidiously destroy our quiet peace.

But shutting out the noise we regain our connection to self, purpose, love and ease.

Ego desires constant chatter, knowing the power of silence within, to subdue it and block its intent to shatter our dreams and allow drifting in mediocrity to win.

With dispersed focus our energy for creation dissolves and loses its vast potential.

But with quiet we find joy in our mind and aligned we are exponentially powerful.

Quiet stillness replaces fearful lack-induced anxiety with immense peace in life’s abundance reality.


Have an amazing day!




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