Palm trees in paradise…what a difference a year can make.

*** Update: Written in fall of 2013 – as much or MORE applicable today! ***


I’m writing this from a beautiful resort in Punta Cana (Dominican Republic), and it is absolutely stunning here!

This morning’s events so far?:

  • Meditation & Yoga on the beach
  • Nice refreshing swim in the perfect temp ocean water
  • Breakfast with some inspiring authors
  • Now writing you a quick email! (can’t be forgetting about you now can I;)

Life is…well…truly amazing of course!! 😉


One year ago this week I doubt that most would say my life looked truly amazing though.


Suffering debilitating pain.

50 pounds underweight.

Bedridden, cooped up in a hospital room.

Barely the strength to walk across my room, and even then needed assistance.

Stuck in the hospital for 3 weeks.

Massive bowel pain and bloating daily.

No hope of recovery in sight.

From the outside, this looked more like hell I’m sure.

And it felt like hell at moments.


But there’s a reason why I recovered so quickly.

And there’s a reason why I’m on a beach right now basking in sunny paradise.

And it has nothing to do with luck.

And nothing to do with random circumstance.


It has everything to do with my habits of thinking.

It has everything to do with my commitment to living the 12 pillars of a truly amazing life.

It has everything to do with my belief that everything is conspiring for my benefit.


Through effort, over time, I have trained myself to think in ways that produce amazing results in my life in all areas.

The most profound result?

Immense joy and deep contentment and peace regardless of whatever circumstances show up in my life.


You see, even though I suffered hellish pain, those moments too were sacred to me, and were laced with intense joy in the beauty of life.


But I wouldn’t be experiencing what I am right now if I had not programmed myself to live the 12 pillars of a truly amazing life.

  • the amazing relationships with inspiring authors and entrepreneurs
  • relaxing in this paradise of an island resort
  • full of vibrant health
  • Healed from a supposedly chronic disease
  • free of pain
  • at peace with life
  • facing incredible opportunities for expansion and growth

I wouldn’t have these results without first having established amazing mental thought patterns.


These things are here because of my deeply held belief that everything is conspiring for my benefit.

That belief reframes the way I approach every experience in life.

And it brings me joy in every moment…as well as bringing amazing moments into my life like where I am now.


I’m here in DR is to meet inspiring and amazing people who I can enlist in the cause of helping you live a truly amazing life.

And I’m so excited to share with you some of the amazing people and things I’ve discovered already.


But here is your next step:


1 – You need to firmly establish the habit of living the first pillar, which is to BELIEVE that this is a truly amazing life and that EVERYTHING is conspiring for your benefit.

My 5 Minute Mental Mastery system is your ticket to that.


Here are just two of the dozens of responses from the people who’s lives have changed from this so far:

Thanks so much mate. I’m so glad that I committed to the course. The positivity has been uplifting and already I have begun to experience the most amazing ‘coincidences’ happening in my life and in my business. — Henri T.


I honestly can’t thank you enough for so many, many reasons. You have blessed my life considerably and my heart is very full. This dramatically changed the way I feel, made me feel like a success – I absolutely know I am doing the right things. The peace of mind in knowing I am becoming my ideal self. This has had a HUGE impact on my life. — Brent C.


Click here to get 5 Minute Mental Mastery.


The ‘free’ promo give away is over, and that is because I realized that is not really serving you best.

For you to reap the rewards of this habit, you need to commit to yourself.

And the best way to do that for yourself is to make a financial commitment.

Anything is better than nothing. So I’m making this as easy as possible for you in order to still get the result you want and NEED in your life.


For less than $1 per day in just one short month you can start experiencing major changes in your daily experience of life.

And then here’s my prediction…

…YOU will be looking back on YOUR life one year from now in ABSOLUTE wonder and awe at the amazing things that have transpired since.

Wouldn’t surprise me at all!

I want you to have what I have.

But I can only help if you make the commitment to yourself.


Go here now and make the commitment.

Join me.


Establish the habit of living the first pillar.

Then we’ll go on from there and continue deepening the habits of all 12 pillars.

I’m stoked to be on this journey with you…and I can’t wait to hear your experiences as you go through this program.


Make today amazing!


P.s. – If you have ANY questions at all about 5 Minute Mental Mastery, what it is, how it works, etc. feel free to reply to this email and I will answer your questions.

Until then, Make Today Amazing!

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