My 12 general rules

My 12 general rules

Thought I’d share this with you today, since I just reviewed and updated it…for the first time in a couple months.

(eyes dodging sheepishly;)

This was a good reminder.

And wake up call.

The good news is that I was actively living two thirds of these.

The other good news! is that now I remember my desire to live the others….so I’m inclined to get back on my own bandwagon.

(No, you saw that right, there wasn’t any bad news. There’s a reason for that. I’ll let you ponder on that one)


My 12 General Rules

  1. I go to sleep and get up at the same time 7 days per week (9:30 p.m. and 5 a.m.) I always stick to my diet of organic vegetables, meats, nuts & good fats and oils.
  2. I meditate, envision my ideals & goals, and write for at least 30 minutes first thing every morning.
  3. I don’t check email before 11 a.m. and I don’t talk on the phone unless it is a scheduled interview or call.
  4. I exercise my body daily. I love being outside and moving every day. I take advantage of every precious moment of life I have and enjoy the beauty all around me.
  5. I work from a written priority list each day, and I update my gratitude & achievement journal daily.
  6. I do not engage in confrontations with anyone, in-person or online. This is a waste of time and energy. If I have caused harm, I apologize and fix the situation. And then I take a deep breath, relax, breathe out, and re-focus my efforts back on my work and goals.
  7. I am guided by these two phrases:
    a) “Other’s opinions don’t affect me.” – I can only work towards my chief aim and vision of helping others live a truly amazing life. The opinions of others do not affect my goals.
    b) “It will all be over soon.”
  8. I blame no one but myself. Everything that happens to me is my personal responsibility. I make my choices and live my life, nobody else can do that for me. I accept the consequences of my actions. And I always remember that everything is conspiring for my benefit and I will find the good in it all.
  9. I will work daily at expanding my influence for good in the world until over 1 million people are inspired with hope and encouragement each day and then I will raise my sights and keep working throughout my life. I will never retire from a life of serving others because that is the joy of life.
  10. I will be the person I want to be. I will live the 12 pillars of a Truly Amazing Life daily throughout my life, regardless of the circumstances, and I will not lower my standard or change my values to ‘fit in’ with anyone. I always remember who I am and what I stand for.
  11. I always keep the child within me alive and play and laugh daily.
  12. I write with honesty and feeling. The opinions of others, positive or negative, do not matter. What matters is that I am helping people by sharing love, encouragement, and insight straight from my heart through my writing.


Do you have a written statement of how you choose to live?

It’s extremely valuable to get clear in writing with yourself.

Feel free to adapt off mine!

I adapted this from Craig Ballantyne’s list from ‘Early To Rise’.


He called his list his ’12 Rules’.

I added the word ‘general’


Because it’s important for me to be forgiving and gentle with myself. And recognize the reality that I’m not going to live by this 100% in all cases, and I’m OK with that.

We need to be compassionate on ourselves.




I mean really, do we need more rules of perfection that we judge ourselves by and constantly beat ourselves up over when we don’t achieve them with absolute perfection!?


But does that mean we should get rid of rules?

No again!

Set standards. Strive for standards. And do so with complete love, acceptance, and forgiveness of yourself and where you are.


This list is an example of how to GROW.

Which is one of the 12 pillars of a Truly Amazing Life.

But don’t let an ambition to grow turn into comparison, judgment, and feelings of inadequacy.

You are more than adequate just how you are!


Life is so much more fun and peaceful when you can laugh at yourself rather than feeling some crazy need to be the drill sergeant of absolute heaven or hell perfection on yourself.

Seriously, we could all benefit from lightening up on ourselves.


So my disclaimer in sharing this?

Don’t let this type of thing be an excuse to beat yourself up for your inadequacies or compare yourself to others.

I nearly didn’t share this for that reason.

As humans we have a built in judge.

And that pesky judge tends to compare us to everything and beat us up from the inside.

Not nice.


So put the judge in his/her place, and please don’t take ‘my’ rules and try to impose them on yourself if it’s not in ‘your’ heart to live them…it will only cause suffering. And my goal is to relieve you of suffering, not cause it.


Your growth is your own journey from where you are, to where you want to go. Not where you are in comparison to where anyone else is.

So with that…I hope all that helps somehow (and doesn’t hurt 🙂


Have an amazing day! You deserve it.


P.s. – Here’s a great past podcast episode with my friend Mark Gans on the importance of living by personal core values. Have a listen if you want more good pointers on how to live fully and design the life you want.

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