Maybe I’m just beyond help at this point.

As it turns out all of us deal with depressed feelings, overwhelm, and hopeless despair at one time or another.

So don’t feel alone if that’s you sometimes.

A large majority of the TAL family are here because they recognize that they are in a battle with consistent negative thoughts and they intend to win it.

We all deal with different degrees of negative thoughts throughout our life.


Sometimes we don’t notice it because our optimism, hope, and happiness just stops any negativity right in its tracks.

Like we’ve got the lights blaring in our soul so darkness can’t even survive.


Other times our lights are dim. Our batteries need to be recharged it seems. And negativity can feel intensely oppressive.

We’re all in different places at different seasons.


If you’re riding high on easy positivity right now ENJOY THAT IMMENSELY! But don’t assume you won’t have challenges and negativity creep in again in the future.

It’s part of life.

It’s part of growth.

And there’s no need to fear future potential challenges, or even concern yourself with them. The key really is The Positive Thinking Secret, which is to simply remember that EICFYB and therefore you DON’T HAVE TO WORRY about the future, or the past, and you can live in peace in this moment of NOW.

(That’s ‘Everything is conspiring for your benefit’ if you’re new here;) )


Life has it’s cycles and we can all learn to find the purpose, beauty and meaning in all of those cycles…the blissful and the painful.

And it’s important to remember that NOBODY is beyond help in those dark times.

No matter what you’ve gone through or how dark everything seems



I emphasize this because one of you sent me this email the other day:

Hi Aaron,

I heard the conversation with Al Diaz and it was very informative. I think maybe Im just beyond help at this point.

I feel a fear that’s impossible to shake and I don’t know what else to do.


All of us who have been in that exact spot before will agree that no storm lasts forever.

And how do you stop fear in it’s tracks?

ACT right into it.

Go straight toward whatever it is and expose it for all of it’s lies.


Fear is ALWAYS rooted in lies.

Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real.

And oh how real it all can seem sometimes!!

But it’s not. It’s a lie.

Remember that and take action right into it.


And keep believing that somehow, even though you can’t see how, that doesn’t change the fact that EICFYB.

Take heart and hope in that.


My heart goes out to any of you dealing with fear or depression today. Know that you are loved, and you absolutely can and will get through it.

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The group is growing steadily and there are others in your situation, and many others who have been there before and are supporting the rest.

There is help, and you have friends there who understand you on a very deep level.


Make Today Amazing!

(Or at least a little better if you’re really far away from amazing right now….you can only get there if you take forward steps)



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