Life isn’t that complex really. It’s pretty simple.

Life isn’t that complex really. It’s pretty simple.

YES!! This is awesome!!

And the beauty is that it is SO SIMPLE.


It really doesn’t have to be a big complex process to shift to a truly amazing way of living.

Check out what Wendi just shared with me:

Hi Aaron,

this was interesting…a very good friend of mine on Monday told me that she started this thing where every time she feels depressed or unhappy, she writes down or just thinks of 6 things that she is thankful for in her life.

So this morning was my day in the office, and just like every Tues driving to the office, my stomach gets in knots as I get closer to the office….so I obviously could not look in a mirror…

but I did start thinking about the things I was most thankful for or blessed with in my life and before I even got to the 6th one, my stomach felt better, my mood changed to happy, I was starting to think more positively about how my day was going to go!!!

It was great, and you know what else??? I had one of thee best days in the office today…it has been well over a year since I had such a great day at work!!!

And it even gets better then that….when I got home from work…I was super happy to see my family, it felt natural to walk in the door with a smile on my face and give my husband and my kids my undivided attention. It was a great feeling!!!

I just wanted to share that….

Have a great day

Thank you for sharing that Wendi!!

I love the reminder of how simple it can be to shift to feeling great.

When you are living in a state of gratitude, that is a truly amazing life!!

Let’s not make it more complex than it needs to be.

Make today amazing! Like Wendi did.

Just THINK about what you are grateful for.


Let me know how it goes!



P.S. – Here’s a power tip – instead of just thinking “I’m grateful for ______” try this:

Ask yourself this question 10 different times with 10 different things you’re grateful to be blessed with:

“Why am I so blessed with ____________?”

Asking yourself the question ‘why’ tends to turbo boost the connection. Don’t worry about the answer…just ask the questions and see how it feels.

I’d love to hear your experience with that.

P.p.s – here’s a great early podcast episode about gratitude if you want something to listen to



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