Let’s talk about your theme

What’s your theme?
Do you have one?

Or no clue what I’m talking about?

(don’t feel bad…you’re not supposed to know 😉


Earlier this year I heard the idea of doing this:

  1. Write a vision of what I want this year (nothing new).
  2. Then boil it down to one theme statement. (new to me)
  3. Then boil that down to ONE WORD.


I loved the idea…I had done visioning and goals before, but for some reason hadn’t thought to create ‘my theme’ or ‘my word’.

The beauty of boiling your entire vision down to ONE WORD is that you can easily keep that word high in your mind.

Just seeing or remembering that word brings up so many thoughts and feelings.


I did it…and it has been really cool this year.

I’m DEFINITELY doing it again for 2014.

In fact, I’m traveling with the fam to Costa Rica and intend to spend a bit of time writing each day in reflection of 2013, and creation of 2014.

I can’t wait!


Seriously…it is so valuable to disconnect from the norm and routine and be able to process and get closure on a regular basis in life.

Daily. Weekly. Monthly. Quarterly.

And yes, Annually.


The closure, the review, the reflection…it’s all very healthy, helpful, satisfying…

…and very impactful on your ability to live a truly amazing life.

If you don’t take time to reflect and renew, you will lose your way.


heck…you’ll lose you’re way sometimes even if you do!

But you’ll lose it bad if you don’t.


I’m religious about the daily reflection/vision process.

Pretty good on yearly.

I’d like to be better at the weekly, monthly, quarterly.

but the daily is the most important IMHO

A daily process of reconnecting with your SELF, your goals, visions, ideals brings you back onto the path that you will inevitably be pulled to stray from every single day just by nature of being alive on planet earth.


But how are you going to have a clear daily vision to come back to if you don’t spend the time annually at least refining that vision?

…I can’t recommend it enough…so I’ll share a bit of mine from 2013 and the simple process I’ll through for 2014


Here’s my 2013 Word & Theme:


“Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in Heaven” (Matt 5:16)

(it’s not a requirement for me to be all scripturey in the theme btw…that just happened to fit perfect with what I felt my theme should be for 2013 😉


Here’s what the top of my vision page looked like for 2013:


I read this to myself while looking in the mirror nearly every day since March when I created it.

NOT surprisingly many of these visions came to pass this year.

Not all of them yet…that’s OK!

Some are still WAY out there…that’s OK too!

Thinking big is fun!

(Especially when down the road you see those previously HUGE visions and realize how small they actually were and how much greater potential we actually have than we could bring ourselves to believe back then;)


My theme absolutely defined what happened this year.

And I’m so satisfied looking back on that now.

My book ‘The Positive Thinking Secret’ has been read over 50,000 times already!!

People all over the world have been inspired to change their thinking and their lives, and are now on the path of living a truly amazing life as a result!

I am humbled by that, and so satisfied that I blasted through the fear, the mockery, and the criticism that also came with it, to share the true feelings of my heart.

This year has been defined by pushing through fear, opening up, sharing myself freely with the world.

And it has been fantastically rewarding.

I’m moved to tears often as I hear from you amazing people daily about your struggles and triumphs.

And I am COMPLETELY honored to be in a position to serve you and offer inspiration and a friend in this journey of making each day amazing.


So I’m stoked to see what 2014 theme turns up over the next few weeks!!!


I’ll share the yearly process tomorrow…


P.s. – (be warned, I’m going to highly encourage you to implement a process for yourself if you haven’t already.;)

P.p.s – If you have processes that have worked wonders for you, I’d love to hear about them and learn from them!

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