Leaving home. Going home.

I wonder if this is kind of what it feels like for some people when they die? Minus the physical pain.

Not to be all melodramatic…but it’s what came to mind.

On Saturday I’m leaving Boulder – a place I have loved to call my home.

There are so many friends I will miss. So many gorgeous running and biking trails in my backyard I will remember fondly. The amazing restaurants.

So much to love about this place.

But the boxes are packed. The truck is scheduled. I’m going home. Draper Utah, where I’m from. Where much of my family is. Another beautiful and epic place.

I haven’t had much chance to miss it there, because Boulder is so amazing and the loving friends I’ve found here are almost family.

But now that it’s happening I’m so excited.

Going home is a really cool feeling.

There is so much to look forward to. My kids will actually get to know their grandparents. They’ll be able to play with their cousins often. I can see my siblings regularly instead of just a monthly phone call. Some may not like the sound of that, but I love hanging out with mine!

It feels like I’m joining the family again. No more hearing about all the family gatherings and trying not to pay attention because it would only feel sad not to be there.

And to top off the excitement of going home to my family…Draper is epic in different ways than Boulder. Some of the best skiing in the country now 25 minutes from my front door. Amazing biking & running trail systems out my back door.

And closer access to all the southern Utah beauty.

When my Mom died 16 years ago, some of her final words in a letter that I cherish were, “please get the family together. Stay close to your Dad.”

I can feel her smiling a lot lately.

I know she is thrilled to see me going home.

As I think about her, the most vivid feeling I can recall is the deep peace that surrounded her as she left home to go home.

I really think she must have felt what I’m feeling.

The sadness…and the happiness and excitement…all mixed together in one big amazing soup of juicy emotion.

She lived and loved so fully that all the people who loved her back couldn’t even fit in the huge church at her funeral.

I hope I can love half as much as she did. I feel her whispering to me to keep her legacy going: Love family. Serve the world. Enjoy life to the fullest.

Feeling grateful for family.

Feeling grateful for peace.

How about you? Are you loving the people and things in life that truly matter?

If you knew this were your last week here would you be at peace with that? Would you know you had loved fully and given your heart to the most important things?

Some food for thought as you plan your day and your week.

Make today amazing! Do the things that matter. Love well.

~ Aaron

P.S. – Good-bye for now Boulder friends! It has been awesome.

Hello again Utah friends and family! It’s been too long. 🙂


Aaron Kennard

Chief Life Lover



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