King Soopers saga part deux ;)

If you missed the message the other day read here first.

… the saga continued…



Nope. Can’t do it.

That’s WAY over the line of irresponsibility.

Wheat/gluten? Not an option.

I keep moving, scouring the fresh food, then the organic so-called healthy fruit and nut bars, and I keep moving.

Just looking for something new, novel, tasty to enjoy.


Nothing really seems worth it.

Or all that appealing.


10 minutes of meandering the aisles aimlessly and I settle on nothing I’m willing to eat.

“This is ridiculous, why am I even here?”

Now aware of how silly this whole game is, and nothing more to see…a healthy little laugh at myself sends me to the door empty handed…

…and still feeling a big vacant void inside.


As I walk out side, a man spills his entire flat bed cart of display props and supplies scattering them across the parking lot right in front of me.

I instantly jump to help him quickly load the cart and push it the rest of the way in for him without a second thought.

An instant shift in my heart.


That was cool!

Mysteriously my heart went from void to “at peace” in a matter of moments.

To feeling love and compassion for the Man.

I like that feeling! I’ll take it!

Thank God for plopping that in my lap 🙂

Hmm… why did I find myself seeking a junk food hit at the store…a habit I ditched years ago and just feeling stumped by the whole thing?

I Love how life works!

It’s so fun to watch the amazing synchronicities unfold.

Now let’s get to the pool!


A relaxed, refreshing 30 minute swim was then filled with inspirational thoughts, and with every my feelings move up the scale.

As I dressed a big grin of satisfaction, freedom, gratitude covered my face and topped off my soul!


This is in a matter of 40 minutes!

I went from total blah – to whole and happy – and the feeling stayed all day with ease.

What’s the point?

The statement ‘let go and let God’ comes to mind for me.

But too often we’re holding TIGHT to the self-whipping stick, just going to town on how evil and pathetic we are.


What is up with that?


And – how does such a fast change in feeling state happen in our life?

Many reasons…but most important is just to remember that it DOES and CAN happen fast!

Just trust life to always change, and accept whatever change it brings with wonder.



We can feel better so fast if we will LET GO.


There are so many tools: exercise, movement, writing, sitting and breathing, and dozens more.


Here’s some reasons we end up wallowing all day, or slipping into days and weeks (and years):

We immediately allow self-hate.

‘You’re so negative’, ‘Why can’t you just exercise…you’re so weak!’, ‘You always screw something up, every time things finally start going great.’

…and a million other examples like that.


Some of us are so silently nasty to ourselves!

What would your mother think if she heard you talking that way?

It’s such a tragedy.

We think we’re honest, full of integrity, we would never tell a lie!

Oh really?

Every negative statement to yourself about your character is a lie.

The truth is YOU are amazing.

But negativity attracts and BREEDS negativity, and you allow just a little, then a little more, and soon you’ve slipped to your ‘other crazy state’ (which we all have) and then it’s a mess


Lying to ourselves is the most common plague out there, it’s abundant.


(you’re welcome…blinders now off! 😉

Now a little pain of recognition, followed by some freedom of release.


Here…try this next time you’re down:

When you’re down, don’t worry!

Don’t think life sucks. Why does this ALWAYS happen!?

You can become master of your mind by SMALL and SIMPLE effort over time.

Learn to look at ‘being down’ in wonder. Tell yourself it will pass when it needs to pass. Look for ways to help it pass but don’t be hung up on feeling amazing 100% of the time or else judge yourself as a FAILURE at living a TAL


That’s not it.

Allow yourself to feel like CRAP!

Accept it!

It’s OK.

It’s all part of life.

You don’t have to want it, or love it, just allow it.



Make the effort to think of just 1 thing you are grateful for.

You’ll allow yourself to move beyond the BLAH so much easier.


Just because you felt horrible a minute ago, doesn’t mean you are stuck feeling horrible, or that you can’t feel amazing in another moment.

Just let yourself be!

Seek to appreciate it all.

And just seek to feel a bit better.


You can change everything – by the conscious SIMPLE effort of thinking ONE positive thought followed by ONE simple positive action.

Then repeat.

I HOPE this helps some of you stop making your life so hard on yourself.


5 Minute Mental Mastery has forever impacted over 162 of your lives in the daily simple positive thinking practice…

…and that’s just the raving reviews I’ve actually received by email lately.

And they beam with happiness and self-confidence!

Click here to get my daily specific help on this for 30 days.


There is a way to beat negativity!

The more you practice, the more it becomes a fluid part of you and you find yourself generally always positive…

Which is an amazing place as MANY of you have shared and know.

Love you all!



P.S. – Letter F of the A2Z of a TAL


I do not believe we came to earth to discover the secrets to
a pretty good existence.

It’s not compatible with our true nature, to waste even one moment settling for a second-rate, miserable experience in any aspect of our lives.

By choosing to complain and settle we bind ourselves to mediocrity.

Each person on earth is equally endowed with freedom to choose to live in awe and gratitude.

All people are truly amazing, but many do not remember that yet so they move about in denial of their chains of quiet misery, sacrificing their precious gift of life.



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