I need your feedback!

At the bottom of this post, I could really use your input on an idea I have that will serve you in a much greater way.

But first…I’m skipping ahead in the A to Z of a Truly Amazing Life today because I haven’t been able to come up with a good ‘K’ word yet.

Today I decided it’s P for Pain!

So I wrote these hundred words..


Life is painful, there’s nothing we can do to stop that, and it is folly to try.

Pain is good.

Not to be sought for its own sake, but embraced for the sake of life, growth, and joy.

Pain is the master teacher and its presence means it is time to learn.

With greater intensity comes more amazing possibilities, impossible without the gift of pain.

Hating, resisting, and cursing pain only traps you in a self-made prison of fear.

Learn to love pain and a universe of infinite potential and freedom is yours.

Enduring great pain is a privilege.


Then before posting this just now, I glanced at my emails and this was in the inbox.

This is a must share!

I had to include this…because this TAL family member will lift everyone today with her story:

Hi Aaron,

Just wanted to share a little story from today to show you how your good work is helping me.

Last night I listened to your podcast with John Bly and decided that I would have an all smiling day tomorrow because somewhere in the depth of my subconscious I remember myself as a smiley happy person, so I decided no matter what happened I would just smile through it!

So, I get up, say my affirmations and add in that I will smile all through out today no matter what.

Day is going good, smiling is so easy, I’m smiling, my baby is smiling, we are having a great day. Hit a bit of a rough patch when my son, who is into pushing any buttons he can gets his hands on, starts turning the tv on and off. I’ve dealt with this before and the end result is usually me getting frustrated and shouting because no matter what I do he keeps going back to the tv. Today though, I’m super aware of myself and am determined not to shout, eventually, after about 10 mins of picking him up and distracting him he stops! Yeah for me, no raised voices, no tears, just smiles!

Pick him up for a cuddle and to say thank you and boom, he left hooks me and splits my lip! So after the initial shock and tears, still holding my son, we go to the mirror to examine the damage. So I’m looking at the blood and instead of thinking something like, well you deserved that for being so stupid in believing smiling would change anything’, I’m thinking wow thank you for such a strong son…..and thank you he didn’t knock any teeth out or break my nose!

Then I smile and it really does feel good…..I have smiled through my pain, I have experienced joy through my pain.

Thank you Aaron.

If that had happened last month I would have spiralled down into despair with thoughts about how I must be a useless mother and how much my son must hate me.

But I didn’t, I caught myself and made myself think why this was a good thing and what I was grateful about.

So, thank you thank you thank you! I am starting to remember now why it is good to smile and I am beaming from ear to ear as I write!


You will change your world by the simple act of smiling!

That’s why it’s one of the 12 Pillars of a TAL!


I am so grateful to be a part of this uplifting family of people striving to live a Truly Amazing Life and sharing the journey with each other.

I feel like I need to share the wealth of love better though.


I hear more experiences like this every day than I can possibly share with you, and I feel like our TAL family needs a way to unite.

You each have so much inspiration, friendship, and support to share with each other…it feels like a shame to not have a better way to share that.


So here’s what I’m thinking….

I’ve received AMAZING feedback from many of the 800+ people who have been through the 1st module of 5 Minute Mental Mastery (5MMM).

So I’m certain that if you had access to a new module each month focused one of the 12 Pillars of a Truly Amazing Life, it would significantly bless your life.

I also feel very confident that if we could share experiences, friendship, and support easier with each other, we would lift each other higher faster.


I believe if we can create these 3 things together everyone involved will experience MASSIVE results of amazing in their life:

  1. A new transformational 5 Minute Mental Mastery course each month focused on one of the 12 pillars of a TAL that we all go through together, each month.
  2. A TAL Mastermind community online where we can share our experiences, lend support and understanding, and just enjoy life and inspire and uplift each other.
  3. Monthly group breakthrough calls on different common areas of challenge (like emotional eating, financial barriers, dealing with negativity, self worth, etc.) with the breakthrough specialist Nick. (I already know I have his support in this, look for the first call coming up soon actually)


So my question for you, are you interested in making this happen together?

If so, click here and fill out this 30 second 4 question survey.

If enough of people are supportive and interested, I believe we can make it happen.

And I know it will take us all to another level of amazingness.


I need your feedback in order to move forward.

It’s going to require a LOT of my time and effort to pull it off, so I need to know if there’s enough collective support yet…and I also need your thoughts and input on it.

So take the quick survey here if you think a Truly Amazing Life Mastermind will bless your life.


Have an amazing day!




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