“I don’t believe everything is conspiring for our benefit”…

“I don’t believe everything is conspiring for our benefit”

…said one reviewer of “The Positive Thinking Secret” on Amazon recently.

That’s fine.

Their choice.

But also their loss in my opinion.

Why their loss?

Well, in the book I make a pretty intensely (painfully 😉 strong case about the matter (so I’m pretty surprised actually that a reader could still come away stating they don’t believe that)

But you want the short version…I get it! I like short versions too;) I’m a short version type of guy myself.

Give me the goods quick and fast!

OK, here’s your condensed version of my case to appeal to all you ‘quick and fast’ies out there.

The short answer:

Why choose to believe that everything is conspiring for you benefit (EICFYB)?

Because it is YOUR CHOICE what you choose to believe. And your beliefs dictate your results. So why would you choose to believe that things are conspiring against you?

This is not a matter of right or wrong, truth or falsehood. Quite frankly I don’t care whether ‘EICFYB’ is true or false.

Talking about that is missing the whole point and is totally unnecessary and detrimental to your happiness actually.

Because it doesn’t matter.

All that matters in this case is what you choose.

Because there are no detriments to choosing that belief! At least none I have found.

You remove limitation by believing it. So the question only remains…do you want limitations? If so, keep NOT believing that EICFYB.

Otherwise, WHY NOT try on this non-limiting belief?

Sometimes we are so identified with our beliefs, we think we are our beliefs, that to even consider changing them feels like an assault on us personally.

It can feel offensive.

“What! I don’t believe that. It’s not true.”

But if we look closer we will see that all of our beliefs are just habits of thinking that give us certain results in life. We gained many of these habits before we can even remember. So it’s natural to assume WE ARE these beliefs because they have always been there. We identify with most of our beliefs.

But all beliefs are changeable. And I’m not saying ALL should or would be beneficial to change.

But there are many things we are in the habit of believing that are limiting us, and holding us apart from freedom and joy.

And this is a big one.

This one is pivotal and can make MASSIVE shifts in your life.

But first…you have to be open to change.

If not, nobody can help you, least of all yourself.

But seriously, what good reason does anyone have to NOT choose to believe EICFYB? Really, what reason? How can it hurt you to believe that?

Am I a lousy detective or does a good reason just not exist? Trust me, I’ve searched and searched on this one…and put it through some PRETTY INSANELY GNARLY AND PAINFUL tests (go read the book if you have any doubt on that one)

And I haven’t found any good reasons not to believe it.


But I have found TONS of benefits to believing it.

Oh, you want examples? Sheesh…making me work here aren’t you?;)


OK, how about happiness, freedom, joy, thrill with life, amazing resiliency, peace, better health, more business success, greater fulfillment, ability to forgive and let go, and I could go on for a while…but this is the short version remember?

Here’s the point

Bottom line: the habit of believing that EICFYB gives the ability to find the good in literally every single solitary thing that happens in life.

People that choose not to believe that, are binding themselves into a place of a victim. Where some things are working for you, and some therefore are working against you.

Who wants to live in that lack of control place?

We can’t consciously control all the circumstances. But by making the choice to believe that everything that happens is here to help us some how, or some way, even though it’s impossible to see how right now sometimes, puts US IN THE DRIVERS SEAT!

No more victim. Because we can always seek and find the good.

And we always will if we seek.

But we won’t even seek the good if we don’t believe it is there.


Man, I guess I could just keep going. That bottom line turned into like 6 bottom lines.

The end. For today;)


Let me know what you think! Agree, disagree? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Make today amazing!



  1. Naidu Dunga Reply

    Thank u Aaron kennard for providing us such a wonderful book I have one query like the sentence “Everything conspiring for my benefit ” what is the meaning for it because I found different meaning for conspiring on dictionary.
    So can you plz tell me the real meaning of it.

    • Aaron Kennard Reply

      Conspiring is defined as working together toward a common goal. People can have good or evil common goals. But the word conspiring is neutral.

      • Naidu Dunga Reply

        Thank u so much I understood real meaning of it. Your podcast is very motivative and creating very impressive thoughts and habits in me.

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