“I did not let religion keep me from the true message…”

This is such a great example by 5 Minute Mental Mastery user Suzy.

“I stumbled across your book on Amazon and could not put it down. I have to admit I was slightly put off by the religion aspect of it but that is just me and a strange place I am at right now in my life.

I guess what I am saying is I did not let religion keep me from the true message of this being a Truly Amazing Life!

What I really like about the system is you are a human being trying to spread joy and show people how they have the same kind of joy if they want it. I do not feel pressured or guilty for doing or not doing the daily affirmations.

It fits my life right now.

Thank you.

I love the fact that Suzy was able to let go of being ‘put off’ by a difference in belief or perspective in order to hear and benefit from the hope giving message that came from a sincere desire to help.

So often we hold ourselves apart from joy because we get hung up on our differences.

There have been reviews of my book where the people were completely offended that I quoted scriptures.

And for them? I feel sorry.

How is that helping them? What are they gaining by allowing themselves to be offended?


But the reality is, we all do this in one way or another.

Can you think of a time you’ve done similar?

I can.

It’s totally natural.

But I love what Suzy shows us here…

She recognizes that her being ‘slightly put off’ actually has as much or more to do with her own state than the thing putting her off.

And that recognition allows her to benefit from the message rather than wallow in offense and negativity.


Next time you feel offended or put off, think of Suzy’s approach of self-awareness and I know you’ll be better for it.


And before I go, here’s the next letter in the A to Z of a Truly Amazing Life:



To live in a constant state of gratitude is to live in joy. Even challenges and trials don’t stop you from experiencing joy when you are in a state of awe and gratitude for everything in life. In fact they only deepen your joy.

When you have zero doubt that everything is conspiring for your benefit, you are free to enjoy each moment regardless of pleasure or pain. Because then there is awe, wonder, and amazement in ALL things.

Can you see that? Can you see that the meaning you attach to everything is your own choice?

Enjoy every moment.


Have a wonderful day!




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  1. Charli Renee Reply

    I just find that the more positive and grateful that I am, the more I have to be positive and grateful for. Way to go Suzy, way to go Mr. Kennard. I have found this platform of thinking only improves my faith. Thank You.

    • It’s awesome how that works for sure! Thanks for sharing Charli, and being a part of the TAL Family!

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