“I Choose to be an Inspiration”

“I choose to be an inspiration”

Good morning!

I said it before but I’ll say it again – I feel truly blessed to be a part of your life and to be having the conversation daily with you on living a truly amazing life.


Many reasons.

But for one, yesterday Kadeesha made this SUPER important point in response to the “I hope it doesn’t fade away” email:

She said:

“Thank YOU! You could be doing anything else but you make your inspiration and self available for others who seek it. You give an opportunity! It is truly appreciated!

The Feeling does ” Fade” but like you, I choose to be an inspiration. There is no other option in my mind if I am to lead a Truly Amazing Life… ( along with the reminder sessions) 🙂

I choose to be a part of everything that is good! For me that is a transformation in itself. Aaron you are apart of that and every day I look forward to your emails!”

That is SUCH a valuable point Kadeesha!

You’re talking about the pillar of “CELEBRATE Life. Help others experience joy. Your joy is directly proportionate to the joy you give others”.


That explains why I feel so good to hear all your responses that my sharing is bringing you joy.

I can’t tell you how good that feels, but you clearly know Kadeesha!

You’ve got it.

That’s why I invite you all to join me in the mission to spread the truly amazing life message.

Bring light to another and light and joy will flood into your life.


So how do you do that?

What works for you personally?

Everyone, and every circumstance is different.

What way can you celebrate today?

How can you share and give joy to another person today?


Think about that.

Then DO IT.


No better way to heal yourself than to forget yourself and seek to bless another.


When I was depressed, incapacitated, in the hospital wondering if I would ever be out of pain – what pulled me out daily, over and over, was the simple effort of treating the nurses, and others who came in, with kindness.

By trying NOT to be cranky despite my pain (which was intensely difficult sometimes and I failed a lot) but instead to be a light in their life – I felt I could serve and bless them in some small way.

And that lifted me from despair if just a little.

Because even in my incapacitation and weakness, I found a small way to share light, and be helpful to another.


Here are 2 simple ways you can join me in the cause and bring light into your own life by sharing with others:

1 – Forward this email to a friend you know could use some positivity and encouragement.

2 – Click ‘Like’ on this Truly Amazing Life Facebook page so you can share these articles and podcasts with friends and comment on them as they come out each day.


But regardless of how you do it, Celebrate life TODAY!

Even if it’s as ‘small’ as smiling even when you don’t feel like it.


PS – The John Bly interview I posted last week is a GREAT one on this topic…he’s a person who never has a bad day and choses to celebrate daily






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But don’t blame me if you miss out on something amazing 😉 I’ll miss you if you go, but hopefully our paths cross again.

Until then, Make Today Amazing!

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