I broke down when I read this Facebook post the other day…

He was my college roommate.

I haven’t seen him in about 15 years.

He was an amazing musician. He created gorgeous melodies and moving lyrics on the guitar and the piano.

And his voice was amazing.

I still have his songs running through my brain and I love them!

But he shared on Facebook the other day that 5 years ago he suddenly lost almost 100% of his hearing and could no longer play music!

He can’t tell what note he’s playing or singing.

My heart was wrenched out reading it and I started sobbing.

The injustice of my friends gift being ripped away from him!

A thing he turned to for comfort.

A thing he beautified the world with!

So unfair!

I personally love music so much.

Singing it. Writing it. Listening to it.

I’m not as talented as my friend Mark, but I love it so much…so I felt his pain very deeply.

But his example lifted me today, and that’s the main reason I’m sharing.

Here’s what he said:

“During the hardest parts of my life I always turned to my music.”

“That changed 5 years ago when I suddenly went completely deaf in one ear and leaving very poor hearing in the other.”

“What followed was weeks of depression where I found myself unable to communicate in nearly any situation.”

“I felt weak and isolated.”

“Through the help of hearing aids I can communicate with others well enough, and can even listen to music to a degree, but It’s very difficult for me to write music and play my own songs.”

“I can’t make sense of chords on a guitar. Piano keys always sound out of tune. I will sing along with songs I’m listening to only to realize half way through I’ve been singing all the wrong notes.”

“While I have longed to write music again, I found a way to put that creative energy into my art. I approach most of my paintings as though I’m writing a piece of music. I want them to move me in the same way my music always did.”

“Art has become my music and my paintings are my songs.”

I was so moved by his words and example.

His turning this enormously challenging loss into an even greater beauty in the world.

And his paintings are amazing and so moving!

Here’s the link to the facebook post I referenced which shows the painting

We all face loss.

But what will we do with that loss?

Hopefully we can learn from my friend Mark.

Yes, there’s a certain grieving that is appropriate with loss.

But then there is gratitude!

Gratitude for what we still have!

Gratitude for the new beauty that can be created even because of that loss.

As a TAL family we just finished a phenomenal month with some of us doing a 30-day challenge together focusing on love and forgiveness each day.

Well, November is going to be gratitude month!

We’re starting a new 30-challenge together next Monday November 5th, and I hope you’ll join us!

Breakthroughs and increased joy were had by many in October’s challenge.

New friendships were made and deepened.

We would love it if you joined us in The Moon app for the free November gratitude challenge!

Click here to join the November Gratitude Challenge.

Once you login to the app, make sure to announce yourself so we know to put you on a team!

Each day during the month you’ll get a 5 minute video/audio message from me on the power of gratitude.

Then we’ll each take the challeng to turn our heart toward gratitude 3 different times during each day – In Feeling, Writing, and Action.

Make today amazing!


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