“I am lost as to who I really am now”

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Today I’ll share my response to an email from Melissa I got recently:

Hi Aaron,

I have recently been asking myself a lot of questions about my
purpose in living
. I have had many roles and responsibilities in my
life ( I am 40 now). I am lost as to who I really am now and the
point of my existence.

Your story made me feel hopeful, and optimistic. I still don’t know what I am meant to do next but I think its worth the effort to find out.

So thank you for that gift.


Thank you Melissa, it’s an honor to be able to serve you.

I truly hope to help you remember who you are and discover your purpose and passion for life.

I know it is within you and I know you can find it. Be patient. It may take time, but you are on the right track.

The first step is to truly remember who you are. It’s not a discovery so much, because your true self already knows on a deep level who you are. When you reconnect with yourself it is going to feel like you woke up and remembered something profound you had forgotten.

I will tell you from experience, that remembering who you are, discovering the ‘point of your existence’ and then living it out each day is immensely fulfilling.

And it is DEFINITELY worth the effort to find out.

It fills my heart to see you feeling hopeful – and optimistic about making the effort to create meaning out of your life. Helping you do that is the meaning I have chosen to give to my life.

Sometimes we may think we are ‘waiting for a calling’ or something. Maybe we are…but meanwhile, if you haven’t felt ‘called’, why not call yourself?

For me? I’m not sure I can really distinguish the difference.

What I have chosen as my life’s work – to help others live a truly amazing life – definitely feels like a calling that speaks to from deep within somewhere. But it didn’t start by feeling like a ‘calling’.

It started by me simply asking, “what makes me feel good?”

And then taking action on that. I simply determined to live my life feeling good, and to commit to doing things that lined up with that.

Eventually it became more and more clear to me what my purpose is…what gifts I have been given to share.


What I recommend, which we are working on together as a group in 5 Minute mental mastery right now, is to spend time morning and night talking to yourself in the mirror.

It will feel weird at first. You probably WON’T WANT to do it.

Do it anyway.

Tell yourself: “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I forgive you for all mistakes of the past. Thank you. I love you. You are worthy. You are meant for greatness. You are amazing. I see you and I love you despite all your supposed weaknesses. I love myself.”

That sort of thing.

If you will have those real, frank, loving conversations with yourself daily for a month, I believe you will discover your purpose, remember who you truly are, and you will no longer feel lost.

I would really like to hear from you how it goes if you are willing to make that commitment to yourself and do that.

You can do it, [First Name]! I believe in you.

For daily, LASER FOCUSED help to lead you to major breakthroughs on this stuff, that is what I built the 5 Minute Mental Mastery system for.

We’re already over halfway through the month of establishing this very habit on ‘Remembering’, so it’s too late to join us for that one, but starting in July we’ll be working on the habit of ‘appreciate’ – associated with the pillar of ‘SMILE’ – which is going to be equally impactful for many people.

You can join here as a member now to make sure not to miss the next 30 day training.


Make Today Amazing!


P.S. – And as far as feeling ‘lost as to who I am now’ check out what some 5MMM members said about this about this very month’s training:

Hi Aaron,

I am really enjoying 5mmm. Just two days after starting I had a very challenging morning, felt really deflated, unworthy, unsuccessful and very lost. However, out of that came a sudden focus and realization that I needed to follow my passion.

I have now enrolled on a nutrition course and am excited about the future. I can’t wait to start helping and educating people, helping them to change their health and lives for the better.

Thank you Aaron!

Carol Wildgoose

These 5MMM emails have generated great conversation between my husband and myself! This will only help us both grow together as individuals and as a married couple of 36 years!

Thank you for such wonderful work and sharing this in so many communities!




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