How to read a LOT more books (and a lot faster)

I wish I knew who to thank, but I can’t remember who inspired this.

Nevertheless, one TAL Family member mentioned in passing that they love to listen to their Kindle books…instead of reading them.

Well…I often prefer audio also, because I can read so much more.

Like on my morning run…I love listening to books while I run.

But I had a dilemma, I also love having the book to reference and underline.

And I always thought I had to buy the audio book version AND the kindle or paperback…

So what is to be done?

Well…one of you lovely people just made me aware that my iPhone will actually read my kindle books to me!

Where has that info been all my life!?

It’s always fun to be enlightened to something…even if you are the last person to finally realize it. 😉

So now I’m a reading machine again, and loving it!

I love having inspiring words available on demand when I’m driving, running, doing yard work (which I don’t do enough…sorry Nan!), or dishes or anything.

There are so many amazing books out there that I would like to read or RE-read, and this piece of knowledge just opened up a whole new world to me.

Yes, it is a computer generated voice…which is not as pleasing to the ear as a real voice…

But it’s FREE!

And I can then pause immediately if I am struck by a section, and underline and notate it right there on the spot.

I love it.

In fact, I’m going out for a run as soon as I’m done writing just so I can have an excuse to listen to another book I’ve been craving time to read.

(That’s a powerful tactic by the way, if you struggle to get motivated to MOVE your body…get a really fascinating audio book that you can’t wait to listen to, then you’ll be chomping at the bit to get out the door.)

So whoever you are that tipped me off to this whole ‘voice over’ thing on the iPhone/iPad, thank you!! And sorry I can’t give you credit yet.

I love this TAL Family, I’m grateful to be surrounded by such a loving, positive community.

If you weren’t aware of this option for listening to Kindle books, Here’s the article I searched online that gives the exact instructions on how to do it.

You just have to enable voice over on iPhone or iPad to be able to be able to listen to all your books.

Reading is key to growth and expansion…

…and GROW (as you know) is one of the 12 pillars of a Truly Amazing Life. (get the 12 pillars poster here)

Make Today Amazing!


P.S. – Linda shared this awesome resource of ALL of James Allen’s writings – the James Allen FREE Library – so cool. Thank you Linda!



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