How to find and delete the inner virus that is sabotaging you.

A really good friend told me yesterday that he feels like he’s mentally stuck on feeling like a ‘loser’ and can’t seem to shake it off…despite how illogical it is to him.

It’s got a tight grip on him somewhere deep down and though he can see it’s causing him problems in life – he doesn’t know how to change it.

It’s like a virus.

He can keep fixing the symptoms and deleting files, but until he deletes the infected file it will just keep spawning new damage.

It immediately made me think of my friend Emily Filloramo’s work.

I interviewed her last year on the Truly Amazing Life Podcast right here:

TAL 23: Emily Filloramo on True Success and Happiness

Emily is SUPER passionate about helping people find the virus and get rid of it.

She focuses on healing the relationship with the inner child and uncovering the actual things that happened a long time ago that are embedding these negative scripts and beliefs that are not serving us.

And after listening to that interview, one of our TAL Family members Mea had an incredibly transformational experience with inner healing just doing the simple steps Emily teaches for free.

I did a follow up interview with Emily to dive deeper into the topic here:

TAL 26: Eliminate your emotional baggage and get out of your own way – Emily Filloramo part 2

I also interviewed Mea later to hear about and share her transformational experience first hand:

TAL 34: Discovering Self-Love and Taking Control of Your Thinking with Mea Blauer

If you feel like you’re being held back or constantly set back by something inside that you can’t quite understand or get a handle on…

…I’d highly recommend listening to ALL 3 of those interviews.

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