How can I give what I don’t have?

I tried giving something I didn’t have the other day.

Didn’t work.

Backfired big time and led to deep remorse and regret.


Oh, you thought I was perfect at living the 12 pillars of a truly amazing life?

Ha ha ha…


I need as much help as anyone, maybe more.

Probably that’s why I’m in the teacher’s chair.


Here’s the scenario:

Miss my morning routine. Afternoon rolls in and I feel tired and ‘off’. Hard to pinpoint why. Feeling progressively down. Not recognizing my thoughts in the moment. Needing some time alone to write, to re-connect, to see clearly what I’m thinking that’s causing the plight.

Didn’t do it.



My kids’ happy, playful (loud), fun selves now grating on the nerves. Begging me to play with them.

“Not now, I need to lay down”

More begging.


Later at dinner the lack of attention turns to the classic disobedient rebellion to force the attention.

Now I’m lecturing them on ‘disrespect’ in a condescending tone.

(Clearly no love inside me, because none’s coming out).

How ironically and hypocritically disrespectful to these beautiful innocent souls I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to serve, and lead, and show how to live a life of love.



Peace did not accompany the pillow that night.

Visions of my kids as teenagers wanting nothing to do with me.

Missing the chance to play while they’re begging for it and now it’s gone.


Deep remorse.

How did that happen?


I missed my remembering routine.

My routine is vital… I can forget and get disconnected so fast.

The routine enables amazing daily.


Fortunately yesterday was the anomaly.

But I remember all too well not having a daily reconnection routine years ago and getting lost for months at a time.

Makes me shudder to think.

So grateful for acknowledgment, forgiveness, second chances, and a new day to reconnect to the source of love through my morning essentials:

  1. Meditating
  2. Affirmations and Visioning to myself in the mirror.
  3. Expressing gratitude with feeling.
  4. Writing whatever is in my heart
  5. Reading something uplifting, even if it’s just a paragraph.


These are just 5 of the core habits of a truly amazing life…that pull me back to the joy track quickly.

I’m super thankful for those habits.


Regret still lingers a bit.

But I can’t change the past… and today is full of fresh opportunity to learn from mistakes and be better than ever before.


I want to continually improve on the habits related to all 12 pillars of a TAL and help you do the same.

I’m in the process of creating 30 day training systems for each of the 12 pillars…get on the pre-launch team for special access once the next modules are ready.

Together we’re better. I’m thankful for the opportunity to help…it probably helps me more than anyone.

And if you haven’t done the first module on the habit of believing…sign on here.


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