Happy Valentines Day! + new podcast interview out today on ‘choosing love’

I simply love hearing about your experiences and sharing them…its uplifting.

And today’s appropriate for the love topic…but most are not thinking about internal love like this.

Carolyne shared this in response to April’s comment yesterday:


“I’ve always valued my life, however I have never really known how to be truly happy within myself.”

I can relate with the above statement

..after reading Kamal Ravikant’s book: ‘love yourself like your life depends on it’ I started a journey of learning to be happy within myself.

But combining that with ‘The positive thinking secret’ I’m constantly glowing not only physically but also emotionally….

This is indeed an amazing life…..I only witness bad days from other people. I’m in control ..he he he !!! The first week I started saying ‘there is no bad day’…I ended up with a lot of questions in my mind but now I do not have to say it…I live it…and all these are reflecting on my 2 kids.

This is truly an amazing life!!!


So awesome!

I know many of us can relate to questions coming up when we first start making the choice to believe there’s no bad day, and everything is conspiring for our benefit.

Its motivating to hear the specific results others are having of applying those beliefs.

It works wonders!

Funny thing is I know Kamal personally, and to hear how our books combined forces without us even trying was pretty cool.

And continuing on the topic of love, I just published the latest interview on the Truly Amazing Life Show with an inspiring lady named Janick Lemieux.

Here’s a quote from Janick:

“When you choose to love yourself and you choose to see your divinity, and be grateful for everything that is a miracle about you, then you start to see that in others also.

Others hurt you because they are in pain.

I choose love every time.

It’s so much easier to choose love than to choose hate.”

Check out the interview here on the blog

Or get it on iTunes here

Here’s the latest review on iTunes about the podcast:

One of the Best Podcasts EVER!!!

I listen to lots of podcasts weekly, I avg 10 a week, most of the time more, I have an hour drive to work and back. I love to listen to Aaron’s podcast on the way to work. Since I have been listening (about 4 months now) my days at work are much, much better. My productivity is much better. Thanks for all you do Mr. Kennard you are a true blessing to me and my family. Keep up the AMAZING work!!!

Thanks Dr. Mer!

If you haven’t checked out the podcast yet, prepare to be inspired.

The people I interview are absolutely amazing.

Today’s call with Janick is no exception.


Hope you have a wonderful day!




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