Happy New Year!!

I’m Back!

Sorry to bail on you for two weeks there…the Truly Amazing Daily had to take a brief pause though while I took care of the highest priorities…

you know…

…like quality time with my family


…learning to surf with my son


… the most amazing and precious pool time with my 1 year old Kelsie (1 year old is THE BEST age of life BY FAR!)



…. and we can’t forget writing and reflecting on the year…here was my setting for a couple weeks.



But I’m back here for you.

So you can expect to hear from me every day during the week again.


And I am incredibly, INCREDIBLY excited about so much I have to share with you.

2014 is going to be absolutely amazing in so many ways!

(really…I can hardly believe my own excitement right now…it just hit me, hard, today when I finally got home)


Are you ready for an amazing year?!

Do you feel it??


The first week of the year I was hearing friends on FB express excitement for 2014…but not fully feeling it myself.

’cause I was still on vacation until yesterday.

But as soon as I sat down in my home office again I felt the fire of 2014 start burning BIG time.

And it is getting more stoke by the moment.

For some reason being home and in my element is fanning the flames.

I am SO excited to experience the most amazing year yet, and to ‘settle’ less than ever before…


And one huge thing that excites me?


The amazing transformation I am about to witness first-hand in so many of you this year.

That one thing is giving me goose bumps just thinking about it.


In 2013 tens of thousands were moved and hundreds of your lives were massively transformed and permanently shifted by the message that This is a Truly Amazing Life and Everything is conspiring for your benefit.

In 2014?

We are ALL going to the next level together.


Here’s the deal…

Living a Truly Amazing Life is not a one time shift and you’re set type of deal.

It’s a daily practice.

One we will ALL fail at in varying degrees for the rest of our lives.

And because of that, it’s a practice that we all need each other for more than any of us even fully comprehend.

It’s not a solo deal.

None of us will live a truly amazing life without each other.

And that’s why I’m so stoked about what 2014 holds in store for us all.


We are going to create a community together that is going to exponentially magnify the joy in each of our lives.

We are ALL – every single one of us in the TAL community – going to need to pull together to create the epic shifts I envision for each of us – and when we do?


Watch out my amazing friends!

It’s going to be fun 😉

I can am seeing tons of future perma-grins on your faces already in my mind.


I have a strong feeling that 2014 is a year that tens of thousands of us are going to become unitedly infected with a more intense love of life than we’ve ever experienced.

And it is going to be stunning to watch and be a part of.


The tide is rising in this community.

And when it goes up, all of us here will rise with it.

Amazing things are coming.


I’m telling you…

…I can hardly wait to get this party really started together.


So I’m so stoked to be back!

Now that I’m home and writing to you again it’s hitting me hard how much I LOVE sharing and living this amazing life with each of you daily.


I’ll leave you with that today…but watch close over the next couple weeks…


Love you all – seriously!

(and I know many of you TOTALLY get that, which is just one more reason I do)


Here’s to an AMAZING 2014 together!



P.S. – Wait…I can’t go yet…just had ‘mini-piphany’.

Or is it ‘mini-piph’?

Anyway (I’m so amazed at how life works), I literally just got clarity on my theme for 2014 as I wrote those final thoughts!

Want to know my word for 2014?


I was not feeling mentally fuzzy, not clear thru my writing and reflecting yet…but just suddenly became VERY clearly my word for 2014.

just seeing and thinking that word now fills me with clarity and energy…wow…that was cool!

A lot of depth to what that means for me when I think of that word for this year…which really ties together all my thoughts over the last few weeks.


P.P.S – Did you ‘theme it up’ for 2014? I’d love to hear about it!

(little lesson there…be patient…if your theme is not coming clearly right away…keep looking, writing, asking, etc. it will become clear to you when the time is right)

OK, bye for real this time.


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