For those struggling in the darkness…

I hear from many of you, often, that are dealing with such intense challenges.

My heart goes out to each of you and I thank you for opening up and sharing.

That’s such a critical step in healing and finding peace.

Here are just a couple recent notes, followed by my brief thoughts for you today:

“Hi Aaron!
I read your book and thought it was life-changing and amazing.

The current challenge in my life centers around my relationship. I’ve been with someone for over 6 years….and he has had a lot of health and money problems. I’ve stuck by him, but over the past year things have gotten too hard. I’m devastated as I thought we would have been engaged by now, but now that we don’t seem to even have a friendship anymore, it seems like everything is destroyed. He has now moved back to Oregon from Trinidad.

I have remained in Trinidad ( where I’m from ), where I’m currently unemployed and having the hardest time finding a job.

So basically I have no career, and my relationship is on the rocks. I can’t seem to find a way out and it’s so hard.

Thank you for your uplifting words and sharing your experiences.”

“Hi Aaron,

Thank you for working so hard to reach people and helping them discover happiness. I’m enjoying your book so far.

I, like so many, am challenged financially with some heavy debt. I’m getting married this summer and moving cities to be with my husband, so I could be jobless for some time and I wonder if I can keep up with payments.

I also feel strapped because I’d like to go back to school, but I would have to take on student loans to do so and that would only accrue more debt.

This is not the way I want to start married life and I have moments of panic. I also have moments of beating myself up and depression (because I really did know better than to let this happen in the first place).

My moments of clarity are few and far between.

My financial burden is just the top of my list right now, but I have so many other things on my mind – desperately wanting to leave New York City, my aging parents, being married, finding a job, finding a true vocation, going back to school, finding a home for my new family, living so far from family/friends… etc. The list could go on and it can be paralyzing on bad days.

But I don’t want today to be a bad day, and I don’t want those concerns to dictate my life.

I look forward to continue reading your book.

Thanks for sharing inspiration.”

You are in tough places right now.

We all go through those valleys in our lives at times.

Hopefully you find a little peace in this reminder:

All these things things are happening for your ultimate good and are giving you valuable experience that one day you will shed tears of joy and gratitude over.


It’s never easy to see that in the moment.

But it doesn’t change the truth of it.

And choosing to believe that is an act of faith, which has the power to release you from negativity and give you peace, even while you still face the challenges.

And that peace will enable you to move through it with less suffering.


If you will make a practice of writing daily, expressing what’s in your heart, and doing your best to list the positive aspects of your situation, you will experience a shift in your state.

You can find peace, even amidst the storm.

And it’s good to remember the lesson from nature…that no storm lasts forever.

Have you ever heard of a storm that never ended?

It’s the same in our lives.

No matter how hard it is now, “this too shall pass.”


And we don’t need to know ‘how’.

Just figure out the very next step forward and take it.

That’s all.


Suffering happens when we get all caught up in the unknowable ‘hows’, and our mind reels on the potential negative future outcomes, or beats us up from our past mistakes.

How do we stop this suffering?

‘How to forget the past, smile at the future, and laugh in the face of pain?’

Choose to believe that everything is conspiring for your benefit.

This will allow you to let go and it will help you learn to forgive yourself, love yourself, and accept yourself.

This will help you be present in the current moment.

Suffering generally only happens when we are disconnected from the here and now.


Hope that helps in some way!

You can do it!



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  1. Lynnie M. Reply

    I read the book. Finished this morning. There were certainly big challenges to overcome in Aaron’s situation, and his message uplifting and compassionate. But if a person lives with someone who is on a destructive path with no intended detour, and not open to help (addict, alcoholic, etc.) That person feels helpless and stressed out living in such a situation, and this way of looking at life seems nearly impossible, esp. if the person is in no position to change things due to health issues and finances. Aaron had/has the support of his spouse, family and friends. A thriving business that kept the food on the table. Not all of us have that, which, seems to me, is a great part of healing and hope.

    • Thanks for reading and for sharing Lynnie!
      I can totally appreciate how impossible it can feel at times to believe that everything is conspiring for you benefit. I still struggle to see how it’s possible even with small obstacles in my daily life, let alone huge trials and challenges that you are referring to.

      I can only speak from my experience (and none of us can fully compare our experiences) that I have never found a better solution to get me through times of intense hell and seemingly endless depression and anxiety than to hold on to even the faintest glimmer of hope and trust that I could muster in that belief.

      I can only hope my experiences help you and others, but if not, I sincerely hope you can find a message of hope somewhere that does bring light and peace into your heart despite whatever trials may be faced.


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