Ever thought ‘What is wrong with me?’…

Ever thought ‘What is wrong with me?’…

Welcome to the club.

I’m really grateful for heartfelt, open, vulnerable responses like this one from Wendi.

Being so truthful and real is so valuable to everyone involved:


“My biggest challenge is even though I have just about everything I could possibly want in life, I’m still not happy. I want to be happy, I’m just not and I don’t know why. I put on a fake smile for everyone around me in hopes they wont notice how unhappy I truly am.

I find life in general to be a challenge…when I think back on a time I was happiest…I was living alone in a awesome townhouse in a different state then my parents. I had an awesome job, I worked out at the gym everyday with a friend, and I was within driving distance from the beach which is my happy place. The only responsibility I had was myself. I am not a selfish person, I enjoy helping others and taking care of my kids.

So what is wrong with me?


Thank you for that open response Wendi!

I want to help. And this one response may not solve everything…but I hope this will be at least a catalyst to helping you escape that question and enter a path of greater joy:


Happiness is a choice.

‘Things’ will never bring you true happiness.

There is nothing wrong with you.

It appears to me you just need a little guidance on which choices to make.


Here’s the guidance:

If you actively live the 12 Pillars of a Truly Amazing Life happiness is inevitable.


It’s the byproduct of living those pillars.

That’s why they are the pillars of a Truly Amazing Life.


In early 2012 when I was on the biggest high of my entire life for over 6 months before I got majorly ill with disease, these pillars came forth as my answer to why I was so totally filled with joy and happiness each day.

These are what I found caused such joy in my heart.

I created this poster as a reminder because I knew as a human on planet earth, a future day would bring challenges and trials and I would likely need a reminder.

[insert poster]<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />

And did I ever need that reminder!


But the result is that now YOU also have a framework right before your eyes of how to live a truly amazing life…which means a life of immense joy and fulfillment.


So to you Wendi, and to everyone, here are my questions.

And if you are struggling to find happiness I recommend you really STOP and analyze these deeply.



This is your opportunity to discover the truly amazing life that is your BIRTHRIGHT!


1 – Do you celebrate life? What does that mean to you? Do you DO that daily? How?

2 – Do you smile? I mean genuinely smile, even when you are alone? This one you may have to force even to yourself at first, because if you don’t feel happy, its hard to smile. But the act of doing it, affects your feeling, and is one way to serve others also.

3 – Do you enjoy every precious moment of life or are you caught up in the past or future worries or regrets?

4 – Do you actively think faithful thoughts? Purposely shutting out distraction and focusing your thoughts on the things you want? Example: Asking yourself “why is my life amazing?” Instead of “Why am I not happy?”. It’s incredible what a simple shift of question can do for you.

5 – Do you spend time creating art? Creating beauty? Getting swept away in the beauty of whatever art your heart calls you to create? Whether that’s music, building business, building an amazing family life…art takes whatever form your passion calls to you and you give your whole heart to making beautiful.

6 – Do you have a worthy goal that you are actively progressing, each day, and each moment? In other words, are you succeeding right now? This very moment are you progressing your worthy goal?

7 – Do you remember who you are? Do you look yourself in the eyes each day and say I love you? Do you say this to yourself in the mirror: “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you. You are truly amazing.”?

8 – Do you seek to Empower others? Asking them why, and enabling them to discover their truths?

9 – Do you give yourself away freely? Do you share your gifts with the world? How do you do this DAILY?

10 – Are you actively growing each day? What do you do specifically to get outside your comfort zone each day and grow as a person?

11 – Do you love unconditionally? Do you show compassion to ALL others in your thoughts and deeds? Or are you more concerned with your own happiness and what others can or ‘should’ do for you? Do you look at others and immediately think “I love you, thank you for who you are.” in your thoughts toward them? This one thing alone can fill your heart with joy. Does every time for me.

12 – Finally – do you believe that this is a truly amazing life? That everything is conspiring for your benefit? And do you allow that thought to give you hope each day? Or do you doubt that, and wonder whether something or someone or everything is conspiring against you?


If you can honestly answer YES to each of these main questions then I don’t believe there is any way you could possibly be unhappy.

My guess is there are some NO’s in there.


There are ‘no’s’ in there for all of us at times!

That’s why I have the poster in front of me every day.


It’s so important to remind yourself that YOU CAN DO SOMETHING about the way you feel.


And those are 12 specific things you can do regardless of your circumstances that will inevitably shift your life from discouraged, bland, or mediocre – up the scale to full-on joy, awe, gratitude, and wonder.


Happiness is a choice.

What do you choose?

How bad do you want it?

Are you willing to take a hard, honest look at yourself and make the necessary changes to your actions and your thought patterns?


I love you.

You can do it.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with you.


The Truly Amazing Life poster is available to you AT COST so there is no excuse.

Order the BIG 18 x 24″ version!

Get these reminders SO BIG in front of your face that you can’t avoid them or forget them.

If you don’t remember these things how can they help you?





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