TAL 44: Finding Joy Even In Pain & Learning To Love Mondays with Preston Ely

I’m really pumped to be able to share with you an interview I just did with my friend and mentor Preston Ely.

He doesn’t do a lot of interviews – so this is a rare privilege to hear from someone with an awesome perspective on life.

For anyone getting knocked down, beat up, or feeling abused by life – this is a must listen to call.

Preston and I had a candid discussion about how to live a truly amazing life despite pain and setbacks – which Preston is definitely no stranger to at all…

…He happens to be going through one of the most challenging 5 year periods of his life with some physical pain and challenges.

It has been relentless.

From the outside nobody would really be able to tell how much pain he’s going through.

I think hearing directly from someone so successful (multi-millionaire self-made entrepreneur) who is in the thick of so much challenge will GREATLY help every single person who listens.

The fact is – life is painful!

Everyone faces pain.

But that doesn’t mean that life is not amazing.

Listen in on this our candid discussion of how to live a Truly Amazing Life despite whatever cards you have been dealt.

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