TAL 38: Learning to trust your voice within – Patrina Wisdom

I’m excited to share with you this inspiring call I had with Patrina Wisdom.

I was intrigued in this truly inspiring conversation Patrina, as she described how she took her name and created a framework for living that she now teaches to others with great success.

It’s very much in line with the TAL framework and principles:

W – Who am I?

I – Identify your why

S – Sacred self-care

D – Declare

O – Organize

M – MOVE! Go do it!

She goes into detail on each of these in our call, and there were some amazing takeaways and inspiration to be had.

Listen in now and leave a comment below with your #1 takeaway, insight, or “A-HA” from listening to the wise words of Patrina Wisdom.

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