TAL 34: Discovering self-love and taking control of your thinking with Mea Blauer

Today’s guest is a TAL Family member who experienced a radical transformation in life and happiness through involvement in the Truly Amazing Life Family.

Her experience is extremely moving and very open as she describes in great detail how her thoughts shifted from total self-loathing and inner critiques, to daily basking in love and light and feeling the warmth of joy surround her life.

Here are some quotes from Mea as a snapshot of the impact the TAL principles have had on her:

“I discovered I needed to take control of my thinking. But I encountered a lot of inner resistance to positive affirmations.

My inner truth was: You’re not worthy of success, you will never succeed. You’re not good enough.

I carried these limiting beliefs for over 30 years.

Now I spend time every day in self-love.

Part of that is me spending time by myself before everyone else is up, and I spend time receiving love. Before I didn’t feel worthy.

And now I spend time allowing love and light to come inside my body.

And also looking at the skills and abilities I have and allowing myself to reach into the larger opportunities out there. I used to be working so hard to actually prove it, to cover up how unworthy I feel.

Now I just feel worthy.

My intention of being on this call is to let people know there is hope.

The absolute worst things that happened in my life have been the biggest blessings.

I am truly grateful for those darkest moments.”

Listen in to hear Mea’s full experience and discover what work she did.

Resources from this episode

Mea refer’s to the work she learned for free from Emily Filloramo.

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Interview Transcript

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