TAL 30: The 2 Things Matt Ritchey Most Attributes His Happiness to

Matt is a lifestyle design coach and event producer. He loves life deeply and helps people see new and different perspectives, and eliminate fear and doubt.

On the call Matt describes a profound life changing experience he had visiting a country where the people had almost nothing, and yet were way happier than he was.

He had the personal discovery then that happiness is created within.

Here’s what he said:

“I felt like my whole life was false up to that time.

I finally saw the connection that I didn’t things to be happy.

Before that I felt that if I didn’t achieve certain things that I wouldn’t be happy.

That’s not how happiness has to work.

Once I switched it, the most profound happiness came from when I helped other people.

That made me more happy than anything else that I had done previously. When I realized that it was like a drug for me.

2 main habits that led me to this breakthrough, prior to the epiphany experience with seeing those happy people.

1 – Meditation practice
2 – Daily gratitude practice.

I can attest that those things definitely rewire your brain.

Those are the two things I attribute most to my being happy.”

Listen to the call as we discuss in great detail Matt’s morning process of Meditation, gratitude, and visualization.

It will give you ideas and insights

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Interview Transcript

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