TAL 29: Michael Mataluni’s life is transformed by gratitude for the darkness of the past

Michael Mataluni is on passion driven mission to help parents improve themselves so they can lead happier more fulfilled lives. He believes deeply in having a big Why to live by. The big why of his business is to create community “One of the things I used to feel was if I could ‘just stop drinking or smoking’ THEN i could be happy. Now, one of my affirmations is:  ‘I am happy, healthy, wealthy and wise’ When I think that, I focus on that, and the other things I don’t want fall by the way side.’ He discusses the importance of choosing to focus your mind on what you want, rather than what you don’t want. And doing that, you become what you want, and those less desirable things just fall away over time, rather than having to fight against them and lose and get discouraged. Michael also gets int a LOT of detail, raw, frank details of a highly mentally traumatic youth filled with drugs and alcohol.  And one of the most important things I think he shares is his gratitude for his upbringing and all of his experiences. He shows us such a powerful example of how simply choosing to be grateful for your past, can unlock it, free you from it, and open boundless opportunities and freedom in your life. Too many are stuck hating their past, and feeling like victims today because of things that happened before. Switching that victim mindset to one of gratitude changes your whole life, just by changing your perspective. Listen to the call to hear all the details and many impactful statements that Michael made in the course of the conversation.

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Interview Transcript

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