TAL 27: Betty Horn’s Transformation From Preparing To Die to On FIRE With Life

Today I’ve got one of our very own TAL Family members on the line to share how she made the shift from preparing to die, to now being on fire with life.

Her Name is Betty Horn and her experience and words are powerful

She has had a rocky ride in life, and is a living proof that we get to choose our thoughts and thus choose our experience in life.


Some of the highlights and amazing thoughts from Betty:

She’s a mother of 2 boys both killed by drunk drivers at separate times. She’s a victim advocate for MADD. She’s still recovering from that and it’s something you don’t get over.

She said:

“It has affected my health, my mental health, and it has affected everything I’ve done ever since.

“I had abusive marriages, all kinds of issues, my Mother died when I was a teenager and I ran away from home.”

Over all these years she thought she would finally get to the end of suffering but then health challenges pushed her into spending the last year dying. She said:

“I spent the last year dying. Doing nothing.
I felt awful. Withering away, like a flower losing its color, losing it’s petals.

I told my husband last week before I went in to find out if I had cancer, that this time if I find out I’m dying, I’m going to go out living!”

Now she’s on fire with life, and growth, and serving.

Here’s why she’s on fire with life

“I found out that life is worth living. Heavenly father doesn’t want me to wither away. I found out that every moment I have is packed full of life to live.”

We went on to discuss her many challenges and what was the one thing that snapped her out of her path to death and brought her back into the land of the living…and into living a Truly Amazing Life.

What was it?

Listen to the call! I’ll give you a hint though…it has to do with The Positive Thinking Secret.


Resources discussed on the call

The Positive Thinking Secret Book

5 Minute Mental Mastery

The TAL Mastermind


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Interview Transcript

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  1. Charli Renee Reply

    I was moved by Betty’s story. Thank you so much for sharing, such strength is beyond amazing.

    • I was moved too Charli! Thanks to Betty for coming on and sharing so openly.

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