TAL 25: Al Diaz guides you to discovering your purpose and learning to trust

I was surprised to learn as I dug into Al’s story, how strikingly similar our thoughts on life were.  This call confirms loud and clear the universality of the 12 pillars of a TAL – Al discusses all sorts of insightful topics on this call from low self-esteem and living in fear of never being good enough, to dealing with desires for instant gratification and addictions, and then rising above all of that to embrace the freedom and joy of living the 12 pillars of a truly amazing life.

Some Highlights

Early in the call Al said he “Trusts beyond hope and knows beyond faith.” I probed him a bit on what that means more clearly. Later he said of his life right now “The best part about it is I’m living in joy because I am fulfilling my purpose.” When you understand why you are here, then you can ask yourself, what I’m about to do, does this support my purpose? Then you can act in faith, instead of going on a whim” I think you’re going to love hearing Al’s story and wise insights

Get in touch with Al

Al is available to help guide you to finding your purpose in life. He has an amazing gift of guiding people to find their own answers within themselves. Reach out to Al directly here on his site


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Interview Transcript

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  1. Charli Renee Reply

    I am very interested in finding the “WHAT” is in my purpose. I enjoyed this podcast. Thank you.

    • Would love to hear about it when you find out! My friend Steve Olsher in a previous podcast is another expert at helping people discover their ‘what’.

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