TAL 22: Janick Lemieux Chooses Love Every Time

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Janick Lemieux

Janick Lemiux is an amazing example of how we can choose to be happy despite whatever circumstances life throws at us.

This conversation takes you on a brief journey through many challenging trials Janick faced and how she chose to think that brought her to a truly amazing life and now serving many others with her example and wisdom.

She never refers to her life’s experiences as her “baggage” but rather as her “treasure chest”.

Show Notes and Highlights

3:36 – It’s not what you want, it’s what you focus on.

28:40 – How can you make sense of it all when you don’t have all the pieces of the puzzle?

29:37 – we all have the little radar in front of our eyes and it’s just a little screen.

32:40 – What that means to be a Reiki master?

34:15 – what is it that I want? Why do I want it?

36:42 – What allowed you to love yourself?

42:44 – What are your tools that you are using now?

48:46 – It’s what I call an Internal GPS.

53:20 – Who needs more love than people who are hurt?

“Loving is easy when people are nice to you”, she says. “but when people are mean, hurtful and malicious to you, this is when they most need your love and your light. That is the Unconditional Love I’m talking about. I want to encourage you and inspire you to choose love. Every time.”

When you choose to love yourself and you choose to see your divinity, and be grateful for everything that is a miracle about you, then you start to see that in others also.

Others hurt you because they are in pain.

I choose love every time.

It’s so much easier to choose love than to choose hate.

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Connect with her on Facebook, www.facebook.com/lovejoyandgratitude and on Twitter,@lovejoygratitud


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