EICFMB…even with death and disease?

I love to see people make this kind of choice despite such difficult circumstances. It fills me up and inspires me.

Read this note I just got from TAL Family member Lin:

Hi Aaron,

First off thank you for helping me change my life by changing my thoughts.

I already believed in the fundamentals of unconditional love and positive thoughts but your 30 day emails really reiterated this.

I am so pleased I stuck with it and even when I went through a bad day last Friday when a dear friend passed away and my brother-in-law with whom I live had more seizures and set him back in his aim to get back to work as he has a brain tumor. It was a terrible day and hard to repeat “this is a truly amazing life” and “everything is conspiring for your benefit”, but I did.

And all in all I coped and was able to offer support where I could.

So I shall continue reading my affirmation that I have copied to Evernote and writing them down etc.

Thank you once again and I shall look out for your new 30 day emails.

With very kind regards.



Even amidst death and progressive disease of her loved ones she chose to believe “everything is conspiring for your benefit.”

Is she delusional?

Nope. She’s faithful.

She’s choosing to remain conscious and aware of the bigger picture rather than becoming consumed with despairing thoughts of this present moment.

She took control of her mind and directed it faithfully where she wanted it despite the intense difficulty of the situation.

I’m inspired by that!

And I can totally relate to how hard it can be to hold that belief sometimes.


When I was laying on my back in excruciating pain and progressively dying a couple years ago there were many moments where it was intensely difficult to look up at my ‘Truly Amazing Life’ poster on the wall and believe it.

But choosing to believe it caused the despair to lift so much faster than it otherwise would have. It moved my mind from turmoil to peace which is essential for healing, not to mention experiencing joy.

Thank you for taking the difficult road Lin!

Thank you for reminding the rest of us we can all do the same, regardless of our circumstances.


There’s no such thing as a ‘bad’ day. Hard days? Absolutely.

But how can we classify a day as bad when everything is conspiring for our benefit?


Make Today Amazing!


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