Does it seem like happiness is eluding you sometimes?

It seems like I keep hearing this sentiment, that ‘happiness has eluded me’.

Last week Barb said:

“Since starting Affirm Your Truth, I have actually touched happiness and I am so grateful because it has eluded me all my life.” ~ Barb N.

And just the other day I shared this from Kassandra:

I can now tap into an inner happiness which had eluded me despite many other wonderful changes in my life.” ~ Kassandra C.

What’s up with happiness being so elusive anyway?

But that’s how it feels sometimes isn’t it?

Sometimes happiness seems like that pesky roadrunner that Wile E. Coyote is always grasping for but never quite capturing.

Like it’s got some kind of sly trickery up its sleeve and you can’t quite pin down where it’s hiding.

I remember feeling like that a lot in the past.

It kind of felt like I might have captured it when I discovered the love of running in the mountains back in 2009. I did get a ton of joy and satisfaction doing that, but no matter how far I ran, the true, inner happiness I craved always seemed to be a step ahead of me.

I found myself in 2011 feeling like a victim…like I had no control to really create the life I wanted.

So I just kept running…escaping the pain of confronting that thought. Not unlike Forrest Gump I guess, now that I think about it.

There are certainly more harmful ‘escape mechanisms’ than running.

Like comfort-eating. I did that a lot too. It didn’t show up on the outside though…because I was running so much.

But there’s a much better way than escaping!!

When we discover the stillness & peace within by affirming our truth and connecting to our soul — we don’t have to chase happiness anymore…

…Because in reality it has been sitting there inside our heart the entire time, waiting patiently for us to show up.

There is no amount of external hobbies, relationships, money, achievements, fame, or possessions that will give us the true, lasting, peace & happiness we all truly seek.

Is it kind of strange that we have this tendency to go looking for happiness in every place except the one place it can be found?

That’s the big trick after all…we get caught in the trap of thinking happiness is out there somewhere.

But it never is. And it never will be.

That’s what Barb and Kassandra discovered. They captured that ‘elusive’ roadrunner!

How about you? Have you found the deep happiness patiently waiting within you?

If so, have you found it today?

We need to re-connect to that inner happiness daily if we want to stay anchored to a Truly Amazing Life and not find ourselves washed out to the sea of discouragement or depression with every windstorm that comes up in life.

That’s why the Truly Amazing Morning rituals are so vital. They are the systematic method for connecting to true happiness.

If you’re struggling, don’t be afraid to reach out and let me know. I want to help.

Make today amazing!

~ Aaron


Aaron Kennard

Chief Life Lover


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