Does any of this stuff even matter?

It’s been a while. I hope you’re well!

I’ve fallen out of the habit of writing and blogging lately. Most of my energy has been focused on developing a mobile app that I hope will start serving you and others in a big way at some point soon.

My partner Joel and I realized this past summer that we had to essentially start over from scratch with a new development team after 9 months of work and cost.

It was rough realization! ☹️

But we pressed forward and now things are looking pretty good again.

Hopefully I’ll have something to share with you there soon.

But today, I just felt like reaching out, saying hi, and sharing a few of the thoughts on my mind.

Yesterday I happened upon a couple interviews of the actor/comedian Jim Carrey which caused me to reflect on life, and God, and the question “what matters?”

The result of said reflecting was an enhanced gratitude for the clarity, purpose, and peace of mind that my relationship with God gives me.

Good results! 😀👍🏼

But that didn’t come because of some profound truth I heard Jim Carrey say.

Rather it was actually from reflecting on what felt like a profound lie.

I very well may have just misunderstood his intent. But here’s what I heard, and my thoughts:

Nothing matters

Numerous times in the interviews, he said, “Nothing matters.”

As if that were the final answer to everything and the thing that freed him from depression and brings him ultimate peace.


I appreciated the fact that he said it so many times, because it really encouraged me to think deeper about my own beliefs.

He didn’t just say it once flippantly, he was very serious and repeated it multiple times in different contexts. And in different interviews.

I tried to listen from his perspective so I could understand his intent.

And so I thought: “True, there is a whole lot of the trivial in the world. In the grand scheme of things, there are many things that matter little if at all. And I think that is largely what Jim was referring to:

Fame, wealth, status, possessions.

If he’s just talking about that, I’d have to agree that those types of things matter very little if at all.

But to say “Nothing matters,” as a blanket statement, well that goes beyond truth and value in my opinion.

I wanted to ask Jim, “Hey Jim, can you look in the eyes of your daughter and tell her that literally nothing matters, and truly believe it? Does she not matter at all? Is she meaningless? Does your relationship not matter?”

“Is your life purposeless? Do you not matter? Does nothing you do or say matter at all?”

I really doubt Jim believes the answer is “Yes” to those questions…but I’m not 100% sure from how he was talking.

To me the thought “Nothing matters,” just feels empty and sad.

For me, life matters deeply.

It brings me joy and peace to know and reflect on the purpose of why I exist: to become more like God – to learn to treat others with more kindness, compassion, mercy, and love. To learn to rise above the pride within me. To create and deepen relationships with family and friends.

All of that matters quite significantly in my opinion.

Sorry Jim, not quite tracking with you buddy!

I believe love and life matter a lot.

I’m really grateful for the chance to live another day. The chance to do my best to love others, and strive to rise above the selfishness that is so quick to consume me.

It brings me purpose and joy.

And I believe we all matter.

It’s mind-boggling to consider that though I suppose. On one hand I can see how it would be easy to accept that we don’t really matter, when I think of how small and seemingly insignificant I am among the billions upon billions of souls who have existed or ever will ever.

But somehow, in a way I guess I can’t fully comprehend, but which I do feel very deeply, even I matter.

Yep! Little old grain-of-sand-in-the-ocean me.

We all do. And we all have a purpose.

I personally like how that thought feels.

Make today amazing 😉.


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