Do you re-charge your phone more than your SELF?

Why do we need to re-charge spiritually, emotionally, internally?

Same reason we need to re-charge our phone:


Without energy we stop functioning.

It’s vastly more important to our life to reconnect to the source of our internal power regularly than to connect our phone with its power source.

We would never think of NOT charging our phone right?

It should be EVEN LESS unthinkable to not re-charge our SELF on a daily basis.


And what is it that actually charges us with energy?

Well…proper sleep and nutrition of course are essential to physical energy.

But equally important is Clarity.

I would guess you’ve experienced sleeping 8 hours and eating great and still feeling tired, drained, and overwhelmed.

I’m pretty sure I can trace back most of the times I felt that way to lack of clarity on one or all of these 3 things:

1 – Who am I?

2 – Why am I here?

3 – Where am I going?


Mostly for me lately it has been ‘where am I going?’. But it’s pretty important to get clarity on 1 and 2 before deciding #3. Otherwise you’ll likely get well on your way and realize that’s not even where you want to be going.

Here’s a classic common scenario:

You finish a big goal you have been working toward for a while – and you feel elated…momentarily.

Then you crash. Suddenly tired, low energy, and low motivation. For a day…or a week. Sometimes that low energy lingers for months and years.

We’ve all experienced it.

Why does it happen?


Because we no longer have a crystal clear goal.

We’re now in limbo in our mind. When the mind doesn’t have a CLEAR, FOCUSED objective, no energy is produced.

All humans function this way. We are ‘goal-seeking’ beings by nature, and the simple act of having a clearly defined goal actually produces energy within us.

So when we accomplish a goal, and we’re no longer clear on the next objective…we feel a massive difference in our energy levels.

We can expect that to ALWAYS happen.

So what’s the solution to quickly re-energizing?



That is why for me, a morning ritual of clarification on Who I am, Why I’m Here, and Where I’m going is so essential to life for me.

What does that look like for me?

1 – Who I am

Repeat affirmations of truth to myself in the mirror.

Thank God for the abundance of gifts and blessings in my life, specifically. Spend time feeling deeply grateful for the smallest things. Doing all this humbles, and at the same time reminds me that I am amazing, and worthy of greatness.

2 – Why I’m here

I read my vision for my life out loud to myself in the mirror. This is my clear reminder of WHY I am alive and what my goals and visions are.

3 – Where I’m going

Get crystal clear on my objectives for the week. I have broken down specific goals for each month for the next 90 days to move me toward my vision. Then I break those down into weekly goals. And then specific, written out daily priorities. I constantly review and revise this, a little bit each day.


Step 3 is where the rubber meets the road.

That is where a deep welling up of energy breaks the surface and we see it volcano forth in an eruption of focused, energized, love infused activity.

It comes from crystal clarity on exactly what the specific priority is TODAY.

This removes all confusion and chaos and allows living fully in the present, without the garbage baggage of worry about the future and the past.

The result?

When I do those 3 things every day I feel amazing and life flows smoothly.

When I don’t, my battery of energy quickly fades and I find myself grinding to a halt and getting paralyzed with overwhelm and confusion.

How about you?

Can you relate?

I’d love to hear any of your ‘ah-ha’s’ on this, or other success you’ve had with re-charging your spirit daily.


One thought – add to the habit of plugging in your phone one act of plugging yourself in to your source of internal power. At night I plug my phone in, and then I write 3 wins I had today and 5 or more things I’m grateful for, right in the evernote app on my phone.

Make Today Amazing!


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