Do you find it hard to stay positive some days too?

This morning a new 5 Minute Mental Mastery Subscriber sent me this touching message.

Hi Aaron,
I have read your book and found it heart
Breaking and inspirational.
I hope you and your family are are well.

I have a small boutique, I am so lucky
To be able to do something I love.
The business is so volatile and I’m in
Serious debt, so much so that if I were
To close shop I risk losing my home
I don’t want to give up, but find it hard
Some days to stay positive.
I look forward to hearing from you

Thank you thank you thank you


She’s not alone is she? I know so many of us deal with that constant battle of staying positive despite serious challenges.

Or even not so serious challenges.

Money is a huge one of those for most everyone at one time or another I think.

I feel the weight of the challenge of helping you through these difficult challenges.

But I feel hopeful, very hopeful.

Because I know the power of positive thinking.

And I know that anyone can obtain that power through practice.

So here’s what I encouraged our new friend this morning with, and I give you the same encouragement if you are finding any challenge with staying positive:


I appreciate you sharing your challenge.

Staying positive is definitely hard sometimes. I think 5 Minute Mental Mastery system will help.

Sometimes just the smallest shift in perspective can change everything.

But its a muscle that needs to be built. That’s why I created the 30 day system to help you build the positive thinking muscles.

It takes time. Be prepared for that. 30 days of consistency will help. But it is something that I still practice daily and and will continue to practice.

Take hope in knowing that if you do one small thing every day, it will add up to huge things you have no way of comprehending. And that’s especially true in training your thinking.

I hope to hear from you on how it goes over the next month.

Here’s the link to get access to 5 Minute Mental Mastery


I really do hope to hear from her.

And I want to hear from you too!

What’s going well? Or what are you struggling with? What kind of things do you find most helpful that keep your thinking positive so you can enjoy life more?

I love any of your feedback. It really helps me know how to serve you better.


Feel free to send me an email directly at aaron (at symbol) trulyamazinglife (dot) com.   Or leave a comment below!


And Make Today Amazing!


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  1. Hi Aaron
    I doubt you can help me but I hope you can. I’m finding life a struggle right now. Nothing seems friutful or fun. I go to the same place to get out of the house. Sometimes I just stop in with my 1 year old. I hate the winter it makes me want to stay I. Bed and sometimes I do with my little one. I feel drained all the time and my husband although not working does not help around the house. I have a MIL that is harsh and I keep my feelings in alit . I just want to escape but I feel like I can just survive every winter, now it’s a issue as I have a son and I don’t want to stunt his growth due to my depression. I hate talking sometimes as my thoughts are jumbled. Can you help as I have felt messed up for way too long and I feel helpless to change my life. I need real care and counselling. Not just afew noble words. Never wanted this life. Worst part if someone cared I would not have wasted 40 years trying to realise who I am.

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