Did our innocence cause our guilt?

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On to today’s thoughts…ever notice how your fears always have a subtle (or strong) undertone of guilt?

With fear there tends to be some degree of low self-esteem or unworthiness.

Think about it…have you ever felt 100% confident in yourself and fearful and guilty at the same time?

And another similar question…is it possible to feel innocent AND guilty at the same time?

Look at this paradox:

“When we look deep within ourselves, is it not because of our very innocence that we believe ourselves to be guilty?

It is because of our own inner innocence that we have bought into all the negativity of the world and allowed it to kill our aliveness, destroy our awareness of who we really are, and sell us the pathetic little smallness for which we have settled. Is not ours the innocence of the newborn that cannot defend itself and, with no capacity for discernment, could only allow itself to be programmed, like a computer?

To see this means to become conscious.

Let’s wake up and free ourselves from being exploited and enslaved by the negative programming of the world.

When we see the truth of how programming happens, we will see that we are the pure, blank computer.

We are the innocent space in which the programming is occurring.

Once we have looked deep within ourselves and found that innate inner innocence, we will stop hating ourselves. We will stop condemning ourselves and stop buying into the condemnation of others and their subtle attempts to invalidate our worth as human beings.”

From the book ‘Letting Go: the pathway to surrender’ by David R. Hawkins.

The truth is we have been bombarded by negative influences since before we can remember and we have identified ourselves with these beliefs planted in our minds and hearts.

We have all been duped into believing a lot of negative things about ourselves and which is binding us in our own mind-made prison.

When you become aware and convinced of your innocence there is complete forgiveness, which eliminates guilt.

And when guilt goes, irrational fears fade also.


Have a great day!


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