Creating sacred spaces


I have a love confession to make…

I love my office 🙂

I mean, I really love it. I love spending time in it. It is my quiet oasis (well…quiet’er’ I guess…nothing’s really quiet in a house with 4 kids under 10 years old.)

I love leaning back in my chair in the pristinely organized space, kicking my feet up and writing.

Or shutting the door, shutting out the world, turning on a soft light at 5 AM and meditating in the perfect stillness of the morning.

Or connecting with myself in the quiet, looking in my eyes in the mirror, remembering who I am and re-filling my stores of energy with gratitude for life.

(weird I know…but I never claimed to be normal 😉 )

Or completely focused and in the zone during the work day as I move forward my lofty ideals one step at a time.

I love it.

It’s my main sanctuary. I have deeply impactful experiences pretty much every day in this place…where I’m writing this to you now.


What are your sacred spaces?

Do you have them?

Are you intentional about it?

Maybe you don’t have your own office, maybe it’s just a corner of the house that’s your quiet sanctuary at a certain time of day when everyone else is asleep.

Or your bedroom.

Or what about the places you spend the most time in each day?

How can you make them more sacred? More inviting, more life-giving and energizing?

Maybe it’s just a commitment to cleaning and organizing them?


My life is better when I treat my space as sacred. When I’m clean and orderly. When I love myself enough to treat myself with the dignity and respect of requiring order in my spaces.

And because I have a sacred space, it makes getting up at 5 AM a joy, and it opens up opportunities daily for insight and conscious connection with my soul.

Making my office a sacred space produces huge amounts of joy and stability in my life.


If you don’t have a regular place for meditating, writing, gratitude, reading and affirmation…I highly recommend it!

If you do…how can you enhance it even more, make it more inviting?

Treat yourself and your spaces with the love you deserve!


Have a wonderful day!


P.S. – Apparently my car is not yet a sacred space for me…I only drive it maybe once a week and that thing is a mess! We all have place to improve 😉

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