Clear out the ‘mind-murk’

Clear out the ‘mind-murk’

How do you get inspiration?

I love inspiration.

I love being ‘inspired’.

I guess there are many definitions to that…what I’m referring to is when you get that flash of insight. That moment of clarity. That eureka idea!

It’s a beautiful thing.

I absolutely love it.

So I cultivate opportunities to get it.


It’s addicting.

It’s fun.

It’s empowering.


The most common place for me to receive inspiring thoughts, great ideas, and things that just get me stoked, is when I’m writing. Specifically writing in my notebook, with a blue gel ink pen that flows effortlessly on white lined paper.

So I make it a point to do that every single day.

For at least one page.

First thing after I meditate and visualize each morning.

I guess you could say it’s my hour of power, kinda like Earl Nightingale (RIP) and Tony Robbins talk about.

Earl recommended writing for 1 full hour per day as a source of immense power and creation in your life.

And I can totally see why.

My ‘hour’ gets divided between meditation, visualization (using affirmations), and writing though.


Writing opens up the flood gates.

For me, without writing it’s easy for my brain, mind, body to start feeling stagnant. Like I have damned up the reservoir and there’s no more flow. Eventually it starts to get all murky up in there. Needs an outlet. Needs to get cleared out or I start feeling the murk, the drain of energy, like I’m slogging through a swamp instead of running free.


Writing let’s the thoughts flow out.

And if there’s nasty murky buildup that needs to come out, it is like releasing it ‘down stream’ instead of infecting the waters of those around you by dumping all the murk on them.


But it needs to come out!

Writing allows that, and breeds new fresh thoughts.

And then they are captured on paper.


Where do you get inspired? Your best ideas? When you’re walking alone? Running? Meditating? Talking to someone?

What’s the situation where you most often get exciting, motivating, moving thoughts bursting onto the scene of your mind?

Do you know?

And are you cultivating that precious time each day!?


I cherish my morning ritual of meditation and writing, and credit it with a huge percentage of all the joy, growth, and goodness that flows through my life.

Just this morning, randomly writing, not seeking to be inspired per se, I had a flash of thought that got me totally jazzed and pumped.

Then I realized, that happens quite often when I write.

Hence these thoughts to you…


Find your source of brilliance! The place and time you get those flashes of insight. And design your life to include that daily.

Guaranteed to enhance your life.

Make Today Amazing!


P.S. Another way I get tons of inspiration is listening to podcasts. If you missed the last Truly Amazing Life podcast episode with John Bly, Listen to it here. We had a great conversation on parenting, smiling, and why John never has a bad day.

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