Being realistic can be kind of tricky

Here’s an uplifting example from one of our community members:

Your book and this program, took me from a very dark place in my life full of nothing but grief…

[explanation of many intense past challenges]

I’ve always valued my life, however I have never really known how to be truly happy within myself.

I settled for an OK life. Mostly because it was all I’ve ever known. However now I’m never going to settle for anything less than an amazing life.



I LOVE hearing other’s resolve to never settle for mediocre.

It always gives me strength to live better today and make more empowering choices.

And now another letter in the A to Z of a Truly Amazing Life I’ve been writing.


Being realistic is tricky indeed.

What is real? It’s hard to concede. The visions in our minds or things we see with our eyes?

Often choosing just eyes then what do we get? Whatever the tide brings in as we let life happen to us; we moan and complain of repetitive pain as our mind goes insane.

But choosing to add faith filled reality in our mind we see life happening for us and everything’s fine.

It’s all good, life’s amazingness now understood.

So what’s your reality?

You get to decide. That’s the beautiful thing, you create your own ride.


Make Today Amazing!



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